How to Fix Your Sony TV That Won’t Turn ON

If you are experiencing issues like sony tv is not turning on all of sudden and wondering how to get back your sony tv up and running without contacting customer support then you can try these simple troubleshooting methods and fix sony tv not turning on issue easily.

If your sony tv is not turning on then you need to power reset your sony tv and check with hdmi cables and power cables and make sure that cables are not damaged or faulty and replace power cables and other solutions to fix this issue. So, let’s see in detail here.

Fix Sony tv That Won’t Turn on

Below simple methods will help you get back sony tv not working issue easily.

Power Reset

First thing you need to try is power reset your sony smart tv and to do this -> Just unplug power cable from wall socket and wait for 60  seconds and then after 60 seconds plug back power cable and turn it on.

Sometimes, there may be a temporary or software glitch and after power resetting sony tv your issue will be fixed.

Check power Source

Make sure your sony tv is receiving power and connected cables are connected properly without loose connection and cables are not damaged.

Check Power Cable

Unplug sony smart tv power cable from wall socket completely and plug it back properly and make sure there are no loose connection when plugging power cable of sony tv to wall socket.

If the power cable is connected loosely then you can see sony tv not turning on issue due to power supply.

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Check Power Cables and External Cables

If you are connecting sony tv with external cables then make sure they are connected properly and unplug them and plug them back.

Check Updates

If there is a new software update available then you need to update it to latest version and you need to power reset or soft reset and download and install new firmware update using usb device and update it to the latest version.

Select Correct HDMI Port

If you are connected to hdmi port 2 then make sure when you are selecting soure hdmi 2 and if you select hdmi 1 here then it wil display anything.

Unplug and Plug Back HDMI Cable

If your hdmi cable connected to sony tv appears to be loosely connected then sony tv wont turn on and you need to unplug hdmi cable and plug it back properly – tightly.

Unplug hdmi cable from the back of sony tv and wait for 60 seconds and plug it back and after plugging it back check with sony tv.

Faulty Power Cable

If the power cable is damaged or becomes faulty, then you need to replace the power cable with a new power cable and plug it back in and check.

HDMI cable is corrupted

If hdmi cable is connected then you need to get a new hdmi cable and connect it to sony tv and after that turn on tv and check.

Hardware Issues

If there are any hardware related issues and this can cause screen damage issues and you need to contact support.

Contact Support

You need to contact sony tv repair center and check for warranty and ask them to inspect the issue and if there is any inside screen board that gets damaged – hardware issue then they will be able to fix sony tv not turning on issue.

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