Apple iOS 18 Update New Features and Update SIRI, AI Integration, Messages app and More

After releasing iOS 17.4 beta with its new features expected to release iOS 18 in June 2024 WWDC and with new iOS 17.4 already got new features like stolen device protection with iOS 17.3 and apple music translation and other features also released 17.4 beta version.

Now, with iOS 18 Apple is going to make the biggest changes ever on iPhone iOS 18 which will be expected to release in and it’s going to be the biggest update for iPhone users ever.

Apple with the new iOS  17.4 beta version allows users EU to install third party apps and side load apps as well.

iOS 18 to Get Big Changes ever in iPhone iOS history

There are rumors and speculation and also few insiders also said that with the new release of iOS 18, it’s going to become complete game changer with the iOS 18 release.

Generative AI

With iOS 18 there are core changes going to come with Generative AI with SIRI and will be implemented Large Language models with SIRI and big upgrade to SIRI With iOS 18.

Few of the Main Features of iOS 18 Changes include following

 – Typing indicators , Audio messages and Read receipts,  Improved encryption compared to SMS

– Redesigned Mail App

– Wi-Fi messaging between Android and iPhone devices

– Higher-resolution photos and videos

–  Improved group chats, including the ability for iPhone users to leave a conversation that includes Android users

– Split Screen

– SIRI and Built in AI integration in Apple Apps

AI Integration in Many Apple Apps

Now, with new iOS 18 we can see Apple is going to integrate AI integration in built in apps in Apple iOS apps and more intelligent way how siri to respond to users with AI integration with SIRI (ChatGPT – openAI).

iOS 17.4 Introduces SIRI New framework with ChatGPT OpenAI 

New is out with iOS 17.4 beta, the iPhone is going to introduce a new framework using Open AI ChatGPT and using system prompts with end to end encryption for internal testing.

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