How to Pair Apple tv Remote and or Siri Remote

How to Pair Apple tv Remote and or Siri Remote

  • To pair apple tv or SIRI remote -> Turn on your apple tv -> press and hold menu button and Volume up button and wait for 5 seconds and apple tv remote will be paired successfully.
  • And to Unpair -> Press and Hold Menu button + Volume Up Button  -> reboot and restart your apple tv (must) to unpair apple tv remote.

Pairing apple tv remote to tv is pretty simple and once you pair it will be automatically connected and start using you apple tv with your apple tv and you can read more here from official apple support and you can also pair apple tv with your iPhone if your apple remote doesn’t respond to anything or not working.

How to Pair Apple tv Remote ?

Step 1: Grab you apple tv remote and in order to pair you need to press Menu button and Volume up button at the same time for 5 seconds.

Step 2: You apple tv will prompt you with on screen instructions and go ahead and follow them and your apple tv will be paired successfully.

Step 3: If on screen instructions says to place your apple tv remote on top of your apple tv then go ahead and place apple remote.

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Apple tv remote not Responding or not Scrolling (SIRI remote)

If your apple tv remote is not responding then go ahead and follow below instructions

Go ahead and charge your apple tv remote by connecting it with USB cable most of the time charging apple tv remote will be issue.

Also make sure that there is nothing blocking the signal with your apple tv or your apple tv and your remote is in close range to your apple tv not the apple tv box but with the tv. Apple tv remote works with the Bluetooth and some times this could be the issue.

How to Unpair Apple tv Remote or Siri Remote?

Sometime, if your apple tv remote will not work even though it is paired or scrolling or volume up and volume down button doesn’t respond then you need to unpair apple tv remote or siri remote to fix the issue.

In order to unpair apple tv remote:

Step 1: Put your apple tv remote close enough to your apple tv and press and hold menu button and volume plus or volume up button for 5 seconds.

Step 2: Now, go ahead and unplug your apple tv from the wall socket -> wait for 5 seconds and plug back power outlet of apple tv.

Make sure you reboot your apple tv or else it will automatically pair your apple tv remote if you don’t want to pair at the moment.