How to Use Sony Bravia Smart TV Remote Apps For iPhone

Sony is one of the best tv manufacturer companies developed by Akio morita  in 1960. Sony highly concentrated on sound quality. One of the best brands of sony is bravia which is abbreviated as ‘best resolution audio visual integrated architecture’. Sony corporation started using bravia logo since 2015. It replaced LCD WEGA in 2005 with a bravia logo. With this reasons sony brand increased its market value in smart technology. Still there are many reasons for controlling smart tv with remote app for iPhone. Let’s consider a simple examples if your remote was damaged or lost somewhere or far away to you, to control your tv with the remote is difficult. For this an alternative way to control your sony bravia tv with iPhone. Fortunately, there are some remote control app for iPhone for controlling your tv where you lost your remote. In this article, we listed some app which may helpful to you.

Sony Bravia Smart tv Remote  Apps for iPhone

1) Sony media remote app

Sony media remote app is one of the best remote control app for iPhone. For downloading and installing this app follow the steps 

Step:1 Before installing app in your phone connect both your iPhone and tv to same WiFi

Step:2 Now open app store in your iPhone.

Step:3 Then select search bar in that

Step:4 After that type media remote for iphone in the search bar

Step:5 Next select the media remote for iphone app and tap on install

Step:6 After installation go back to your phone Home screen

Step:7 Then click on that app and follow the instructions appeared on the screen.

2) IP remote

The IP remote app is available free for both iPhone or android devices, which is useful to power ON/OFF your Tv and muting Vol +/- and other operations. Here are some steps for IP remote app.

Step:1 Quickly open app store  in your iPhone 

Step:2 Next select search bar and enter IP remote

Step:3 After that click on install option

Step:4 Once completed installation open the app in your device

Step:5 After opening it displays the menu options then select your require option .

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3) Sonymote

Sonymote is an easy handley remote control app for sony bravia tv. Before downloading check once    your iPhone runs latest software version of 7.0 or later. After that follow quick steps to utilize it.

Step:1 Firstly connect both your iPhone and tv to same WiFi connection.

Step:2 After that go to app store in your iPhone and tap on search bar and enter sonymote

Step:3 Once installed it in your phone open it and enter the code which is appeared on your tv in your iPhone

Step:4 Once done with this process now start using this app.

4) Tv slide view

If you want to view your tv more conveniently, even your remote got damaged. For this follow the steps.

Step:1 Open app store in your device 

Step:2 Then select search bar and enter tv slide view app

Step:3 Tap on install

Step:4 After that open tv side view app on your mobile, Now start searching for your Tv in the home network 

Step:5 Then choose the tv In the available list and perform the required operation.

If you lost your remote control you can use the above mentioned apps to control your sony bravia tv for iPhone. All the above mentioned apps are free of cost, once try these apps instead of buying a new remote control for your tv. Hopefully this article may be helpful to you.

Rajeshwari Chiluveru
Rajeshwari Chiluveru
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