What is Alexa Whisper Mode & Activate Whisper Mode on Alexa

  • Whisper mode in alexa is pretty fun and alexa whispers once you activate whisper mode.
  • To Activate whisper mode -> Just Say Alexa turn on Whisper Mode and alexa will activate whisper mode and you can activate whisper mode using alexa app as well.

It is one of the feature in Alexa, while you are talking in your home near any echo devices by that it may distract you from other devices. To avoid this, Amazon developed “whisper mode”. So, by this you can use Alexa without distracting rest of your households.

Whisper mode in Alexa app or echo devices is not enabled by default. It must be activated by two ways using voice command or by using Alexa app settings.

Voice Command

The easy way to activate Alexa whisper models by using command of  your voice. Simply you can say “Alexa, Turn on whisper mode”. Then Alexa will respond with a confirmation message that “whispered response is on”.

Activate Whisper Mode on Alexa App

In case you don’t want to use voice command to activate Alexa whispered mode, then use app for activating.

Step 1: Open Alexa app in your mobile and you can see three lines at top left corner, click on it and it will navigate to main menu.

Step 2: In that menu click on settings then choose Alexa account from that Account choose Alexa voice response.

Step 3: Now, you can able see whispered mode response. Then toggle ON/OFF will come to ON position.

Once this mode is enabled via voice command, manually using Alexa app or fire TV with voice remote. Now it become inti active and useful for all Alexa enabled devices.

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How Alexa Whisper Mode Works

Whispering will not involve in any vocal vibrations to produce the sound that can be normally recognized by voice assistant. Amazon has finely tuned the relationship between recognition, sound direction and silence levels that differentiate the normal or whispered speech. 

That will allows Alexa to recognize it is either a normal or whispered voice.

What Will Happen While Using Whisper Mode

When Alexa is under whisper mode, if you speak any command or ask any question in normal voice, then Alexa will respond in normal voice. When you speak to Alexa with whisper in turn it will respond in whisper.

When you access whisper mode to listen music, although Alexa will respond in a whisper mode to execute the command and actual music service will play in normal value, you have to give additional command in a whispered or normal voice to lower the volume of desired music.

Turn off Alexa Whisper Mode

To disable Alexa whisper mode, just say “Alexa, turn off whisper mode” or you can follow the steps that how you enabled the whisper mode.

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