How to fix Alexa not Connecting to WiFi

  • To fix Alexa Not Connecting to wifi go ahead and Restart your router / modem and make sure your alexa is plugged in and close to your wifi modem.
  • Quick fix: Power reset alexa and Reset your alexa or restart your modem and pair your alexa again.

Alexa is an amazing, compact device with various types of uses specially if you are a music lover. When you buy a new Alexa device you need to connect it to the internet, but iit is not connecting to Wi-Fi or if your Echo device stops connecting to Wi-Fi, then it effectively becomes useless unless you connect it to wifi. If your alexa is not connected to Wi-Fi,  your echo will be unable  to process commands and alexa will not respond to voice commands or stream media or unable to speak for you and reg light will spinning or alexa says “unable to understand”. Alexa completely depends on your internet connection or Wi-Fi,  if there is no right internet it does not work efficiently so lets see in details how to fix internet issue with alexa not connecting to wifi.

How to fix Alexa Not Connecting to WIFI

Alexa not connecting to wifi

Method: 1 Check your alexa device Plugged in and Charging 

Before starting your streaming process, once check for connection. If your Alexa device is correctly plugged in to charge it. if it is not charged, it may die during the setup process. Now wait till the top light turns into Orange colour before starting your process.

Method:2 Connecting Alexa to Wi-Fi

Now, go with the steps in order to connect Alexa with Wi-Fi

Step:1 first open your Alexa app on your tablet or smartphone for making connection with Wi-Fi

Step:2 Now tap on three horizontal lines on the top left corner in Alexa home screen. After that click on settings.

Step:3 Then click on set up a new device which are available under Alexa devices. After that select echo device you are connecting to Wi-Fi

Step:4 next select your language and click on Blue continue button

Step:5 Now tap on the Blue “connect to Wi-Fi” button. Next you will see Orange light on top of Alexa.

Step:6 Click on the action button for 10 to 15 seconds. if you are echo light  not changing Orange. Then release it when the light changed to orange, next click on continue

Step:7 Finally, select your desired Wi-Fi network to enjoy your favourite contents.

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Method: 3 Check your Router or Alexa

Step:1 Ensure that your router is plugged correctly in socket and connected to internet 

Step:2 If you are still facing the problem then, unplug your both devices, and now wait for 20 seconds, next plug it back.

Step:3 If you are still unable to overcome the issue, then perform the same process with your alexa.

Step:4 Now, turn it off completely with the help of the power button, and now wait at least 20 seconds, after that turn it on again. Next, wait a few minutes then it automatically connects  again to the internet.

Method:4 Reset Alexa 

The resetting process and steps is quite difference in three generation Alexa devices

First Generation

1) With the help of thon object, press and hold your alexa reset button which is available at bottom of your device. The light on top of Alexa device will turn on Orange, and next to blue.

2) Then release the buttons and after that light will turn off, next Orange. Then follow the above mentioned steps to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi

Second Generation

1) First, press and hold the microphone off or volume down buttons. Do it for 20 seconds till the light turn to Orange, next to blue.

2) After that release the button,  Now wait till the light to turn off, and to Orange.

Third Generation

1) Now press and hold your action button, Now wait till the light to turn off, and to Orange.

2) Next, wait for light to turn back to end then to turn it blue

3) Lastly, the light will turn to Orange again and Alexa will now in setup mode

Method: 5 Contact technical team

If you are still facing the issue of unable to connect your Alexa device to Wi-Fi, with the above methods, then contact Amazon technical team of the internet service provider.

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