How to fix Roku wifi not connecting

TCL Roku TV Not Connecting to wifi

When you plug in Roku using HDMI and plug in to your smart tv sometimes wifi will not connect due to network connections and troubleshooting and resetting your Roku will help fix this issue. If you are facing issues like roku wifi not connecting to wifi we can fix this issue in simple and easy way and there are several different methods to fix this issue roku wifi not connecting, so, let’s see how to fix this issue and connect tcl roku tv to wifi.

You need to press a key combination to pull up roku settings where you have to chnge settings and fix this issue.

TCL Roku TV Not Connecting to wifi

TCL Roku tv Not Connecting to WIFI

Step 1: Go to Home screen on your Roku.

Step 2: Grab your remote and Press home button 5 times

Step 3: Now, Press Fast forward, play rewind, play fast forward.

Step 4: If you have successfully press key combination then that will bring up Roku platform secret screen on your tv.

Step 5: Now scroll up to the system operation menu and click ok

Step 6: Now new screen will pop up, now scroll up and click on disable network ping.

Step 7: If you select it, it will change from disable to enable.

That’s it when you connect your roku to wifi on your smart tv it will connect wifi without any problem of roku wifi not connecting issue will be solved.

Note: Just make sure that you enter the key combination correctly and you enter the secret menu on roku tv.

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Restart your roku to fix wifi not connecting issue:

You can also fix this issue by basic trouble shooting as well by restarting roku router

Step 1: Go to settings

Step 2: Select System

Step 3: Now select system restart

This will reboot your roku tv and will fix the issue of wifi not connecting on roku and resetting roku will flush all the existing cache part, memory, logins and etc which makes your roku as new one and will perform like a new one.

Secret Screen Combination of Roku?

Press Home button 5 times and then,  then Fast forward, play rewind, play fast forward which brings up secret screen on your roku tv.

Why roku keeps losing connection?

This is due to the network connection problem, resetting your roku will help fix this issue of roku wifi not connecting.

TCL roku tv not connecting to wifi?

Make sure you are entering correct password and connected to your home network, if everything is correct then go ahead and restart your tcl roku tv and tcl roku tv not connecting to wifi will get fixed or a simple soft reset will fix this wifi connectivity issues on roku tv.