How to Fix TCL Smart tv Stuck on Logo

Most of the tcl smart tv common problem is tcl tv stuck on logo or red screen or tcl tv gets stuck on intial setup and you need to reset tcl smart tv. When you turn on your TCL smart tv and it doesn’t turn on or boot up tcl tv and it wont turn on and your tcl smart tv gets stuck on logo, stuck on start-up and will reboot continuously and this is an issue which needs to be fixed by updating firmware software update or doing power reset, this can be fixed easily by performing these methods, let’s see in detail.

Fix TCL Smart tv Stuck on Logo

How to Fix TCL Smart tv stuck on Logo

Below tcl roku tv troubleshooting methods will help you fix tcl tv stuck on logo problem

Power Reset

Step 1: Power off your TCL smart tv first

Power Reset tcl smart tv

Step 2: Now unplug your TCL smart tv cable from wall

unplug tcl smart tv

Step 3: Wait for 60 seconds

wait for 60 seconds

Step 4: Now plug back your cable to wall.

plug back power cable to wall

Step 5: power on your tcl smart tv, your issue will be resolved.

plug-back-power-cable and turn on

That’s it now basically here, you have done power reset your smart tv by performing above steps, you will not face any issue of tcl smart tv stuck on logo on your smart tv.

If this doesn’t solve the issue and still facing issue with tcl smart tv stuck on logo. Follow below other methods.

Reset Router or Modem

Step 1: Unplug all power cables connected to your router or modem

Step 2: Wait for 60 seconds

Step 3: After 60 seconds -> Plug back all disconnected router or modem cables back and connect them.

Step 4: Now, wait for your router or modem to restart and connect your wifi to tcl smart tv and check your tcl smart tv is working or not.

Some times due to network issues as well, you may experience the issue of tcl smart tv stuck on logo.

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Reset TCL Smart tv

Step 1: Click on Settings button on your tcl smart tv remote

Step 2: Go to Device Preferences

Step 3: Click on Reset and select Erase everything option

Step 4: Now, enter 6 digit code which is displayed on your screen and enter pin and select ok.

That’s it, this is how you reset tcl smart tv and fix tcl smart tv stuck on logo issue or any other issues on tcl smart tv.

Factory reset will erase all data including downloaded apps, internal data, user data, wifi username and password and everything and restores all tcl smart tv settings back to its original default settings.

Update TCL Smart tv to Latest Software Version

To fix this issue you need to software update upgrade TCL system firmware will solve the issue, your smart tv gets stuck because of un-stability of firmware, once firmware gets updated issue will be resolved.

Step 1: Go to Home screen and go to Settings

Step 2: Go to System -> Click on System Update

Step 3: Click on Check now and wait for your tcl smart tv to check whether new software update is available or not.

Step 4: If new software version is available on tcl smart tv then you need to click on download and install and wait for your tcl smart tv to update to latest version.

Once you click on download and install updates then you need to wait for your smart tv to complete the update process and restart your tcl smart tv on its own.

Most of the time tcl smart tv gets stuck on logo due to software update issue on tcl smart tv only. If you are running outdated software on tcl smart tv or any temporary software glitches you will face tcl smart tv stuck on logo issue.

Can I upgrade firmware of tcl smart tv by using usb drive?

Yes! You can update firmware of tcl smart tv by using USB drive but ensure usb drive memory size is not more than 8gb and also format the usb drive in FAT format and also make sure you have downloaded the correct version firmware you can download it from visiting tcl website and to find the correct number of your tcl smart tv look at the sticker information on your tcl smart tv and also rear cover information.

What causes tcl smart tv stuck on logo issue?

This is mainly due to unstable firmware issue, once your upgrade your tcl smart tv with new firmware which is stable, your tcl smart tv wont stuck on logo.

Why is my tcl smart tv stuck on logo?

Due to unstable firmware software tcl smart tv wont boot up and gets stuck on logo and keeps on rebooting.

Where can I download TCL smart tv firmware upgrade software?

Visit tcl smart tv website and navigate to download section and enter your tcl smart tv model number and download firmware software.

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