How to Fix TCL Smart tv has Picture But No Sound

On yout tc smart tv is having issues with sound or screen flickering o black screen or TCL smart tv has picture but no sound or crackling sound or black screen with no sound then you can fix black screen issue or when TCL tv screen goes black but sound still works by simply resetting tcl smart tv, power reset and changing HDMI cable, reset sound settings and other methods. Let’s see them in detail how to fix tcl smart tv having picture but no sound and in order to reset tcl smart tv having no picture you need to use power button on your tcl smart tv and reset it.

How to fix TCL Smart tv has Picture but No Sound

The  following are the methods to resolve the issue and fix TCL tv no sound but picture by adjusting volume and cross check if accidently a mute button has been pressed or tcl tv is muted.

Power Reset tcl smart tv

Check HDMI cable ports connectors

Factory Reset TCL smart tv no sound but picture

Power Reset TCL Smart tv Having Picture But No Sound

Step 1: Turn on your tcl smart Unplug your TV and wait for about 60 seconds.

Step 2: After 60 seconds plug back power cable back to Wall socket.

That’s it, this is how you power reset tcl smart tv has picture but no sound and this will set back your problem if you still face issue of no sound on tcl smart tv then follow method 2.

Change HDMI Cable Port Connectors:

Step 1: Check with your HDMI Cable on back of your tcl smart tv and make sure power cables are connected properly and they are inserted correctly without any loose connections to the HDMI port.

Step 2: If not, connect your HDMI cable to the other port. Usually a TV has three or four ports along the sides of the TV. Change the cable from one port to other port and see.

Step 3: By changing HDMI cable ports most of the time this issue will be resolved coz the culprit will be HDMI cable or HDMI ports which gets damaged which cause TCL smart tv picture working but no sound issue.

Using Firestick on TCL Smart tv has no sound but picture

If you have fire stick inserted on back to TCL smart tv go ahead and check it has a direct connection or has a short cable check. If it is having a short cable or direct connection make sure they are inserted properly to HDMI cable.

Factory reset TCL Smart tv has Picture but no Sound

The last method to solve this problem is to factory reset the tcl smart TV and the make your tcl smart tv as the exact way when you first got it like a brand new tcl tv and to factory reset tcl smart tv with no sound follow methods below. Before proceeding further make sure that you want to perform factory reset as this will erases all your settings and app data and all user information from your tcl smart tv.

How to Reset TCL Smart tv No sound but has Picture

Step 1: Turn on your tcl smart tv and Press home but on your remote,

Step 2: Go to Settings

Step 3: Scroll down and Highlight system and press ok

Step 4: Click on Advanced System Settings

Step 5: Go to Factory Reset and highlight factory reset everything and press ok.

That’s it, once your press ok on factory reset everything then wait for your tcl smart tv to perform factory reset this may take up to 3-5 minutes and once your tcl smart tv restarts (reboots) your tcl smart tv has picture but no sound issue will be resolved successfully.

Why TCL Smart tv has picture but no sound?

How to fix TCL smart tv has picture But no Sound?

Perform a reset or factory reset on your tcl smart tv or change hdmi cable in order to fix tcl smart tv has picture but no sound.

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