How to fix Apple tv Blank Screen YouTube video Showing picture no sound

How to fix Apple tv Blank Screen YouTube video Showing picture no sound

On your apple tv when you open YouTube if it is displaying a blank screen, and you can hear only audio or you can be with no picture with blank screen or black screen on apple tv, then this can be fixed easily by performing several fixes and following steps below and fix YouTube blank screen on apple tv 4k, lets see them in detail below:

Apple tv 4k blank screen YouTube video, Netflix with no sound or Blank Screens:

Restart Apple tv:

Step 1: Grab you apple tv remote and press on menu

Step 2: Go to Settings app

Step 3: Scroll down and press ok on system

Step 4: Scroll to bottom and press ok on Restart.

Step 5: Your apple tv 4k will restart and turn on.

Once your apple tv turns on, go ahead and open YouTube app and now your apple tv blank screen YouTube will be fixed successfully and up and running. If restart doesn’t fix your problem you can follow below methods.

Make sure YouTube app is up to date:

Navigate to apps section and make sure that YouTube application is UpToDate and if it is not updated with latest version go ahead and update it and see if your problem is fixed, hopefully your problem will be resolved.

Unplug Power cords from Apple tv to fix blank screen YouTube video:

Step 1: GO ahead and grab apple tv and unplug or pull the power cords when your apple tv is on.

Step 2: Wait for 30 seconds and plug power cords back to apple tv.

Step 3: Now once apple tv is turns on open YouTube and see if this fixes apple tv blank screen YouTube video.

Force apple tv restart: Key combination

Step 1: Go ahead and grab you apple tv remote.

Step 2: Press and hold both the menu button and home button (at a time) until white light on apple tv  starts blinking and let go buttons

Step 3: Wait for the apple tv to boot up properly.

Step 4: Once apple tv turns on go ahead and open up YouTube, hopefully you should see YouTube working fine now, without any blank screen with audio or any issues.

Restart smart tv with Key combination:

Step 1: Grab you apple tv remote

Step 2: Press and hold menu button and volume down button for 10 seconds and let go.

Step 3: if you apple tv prompts up with apple logo press ok.

Step 4: Now open YouTube and see your issue of apple tv blank screen YouTube is fixed and up and running.

Ports are faulty or dust or with power cable issue:

Step 1: Go ahead and pull the plug and plug cable into another port at the back of your tv.

Step 2: Now select the HDMI port which you have connected (HDMI 1, HDMI 2 or etc).d

Step 3: Now turn on the tv and see issue is resolved or not.

You can also try removing the cables and cleaning the dust by blowing air in to HDMI ports by cleaning ports.

HDMI port cable issue:

Replace the HDMI cable and this is also one of the possible issue which causes apple tv blank screen YouTube video with no sound or black screen.

How do I fix YouTube on Apple TV?

Restarting your apple tv will fix the issue as explained in this article.