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How to Fix Vizio Smart tv Not Showing Picture or Black Screen

  • To fix vizio smart tv not showing picture or black screen or blank screen -> go ahead and perform soft reset by turning off and turning on vizio smart tv after 30 seconds.
  • If below troubleshooting methods doesn’t work you need to replace components and chips on vizio smart tv to fix black screen on vizio smart tv.

On your vizio smart tv when you turn on your tv and suddenly experience black screen on vizio smart tv or screen flickering issues or blinking light screen flashing or any other screen related issue then by below troubleshooting guide you can easily fix this issue of black scren on vizio on your own.

Vizio smart tv captured everyone’s attention with its relatively new services. Similarly with other brands vizio tv also have issue, due to this a lot of complaints from customers related to vizio smart tv not showing picture or black screen.

So here in this article we are providing some solutions to fix the issue of vizio smart tv not showing picture or black screen. So there may be many reasons for sudden picture not showing or black screen, while power supply is the most common problem. At present times most of the Tv’s are coming with more than one power supply boards and some other internal parts. So we need  to find our the issue of black screen and fix it accordingly by following some instructions that are mentioned below.

How to fix Vizio Smart tv Not Showing Picture or Black Screen

Vizio Smart tv Not Showing Picture or Black Screen

Follow below troubleshooting methods to fix vizio smart tv black screen or not showing picture on vizio tv issues.

Check Your Power Connection

Every time users forgot to check about basic solution. That is you need to check for any loose connection or power cable is properly plugged in to the socket or not. Then follow the steps to perform a hard reset.

Step 1: Firstly, turnoff your vizio smart tv and unplug it

Step 2: For atleast 30 seconds press and hold your Tv’s power button 

Step 3: After releasing power button Now plug the tv power cable black into the socket

Step 4: Now try accessing your tv image

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Perform Sound Test

Step 1: Then turn ON your vizio smart tv

Step 2: After that turn ON your volume 

Step 3: Next, start testing tv sound by streaming something,  now you comes to  know when it make noise

Step 4: If you audible sound means the sound component is working properly, now it turn to check flashlight

Perform Flashlight Test

Step 1: Now take flashlight and ensure it by power

Step 2: After that turn the light on it By placing yourself 2 inches away from tv screen

Step 3: Now if you’re able to see picture on the tv means It indicates that your tv inverter board has failed

Replace Components of Vizio Smart tv

If you noticed that your inverter board or other components of your tv failed, you can replace them in similar manner as the power board. If your unable to do it, then connect a technician to repair it. 

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