How to fix iPhone WhatsApp Call Reconnecting Problem on Wi-Fi


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  • To fix iPhone WhatsApp call reconnecting problem on wifi -> go ahead and turn on local network and turn on and turn off wifi on your iphone.
  • Reset network settings  and allow whatsapp notifications and reboot router to get rid of whatsapp call reconnecting problem.

Iphone users with the latest iOS 14 are facing WhatsApp call reconnecting problems on the iPhone . Users when they call someone or receive a call on WhatsApp it receives the call and it shows reconnecting and the call gets disconnected.

 WhatsApp call on iphone keeps on disconnecting frequently or WhatsApp call on iphone drops frequently if you are using Wi-Fi network while doing calls. The issue is very annoying as it is difficult for the iPhone users on WhatsApp while making calls to through Wi-Fi network.

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 This issue started majorly after updating to iOS 14 is causing the WhatsApp bug and can be resolved easily as below.

How to fix WhatsApp Calls Reconnecting Problem on Wi-Fi?

If your WhatsApp call is not working after updating  the iOS 14  . Here are the certain solutions to fix the WhatsApp audio call reconnecting issues.

Turn ON Local Network

Step 1: Open iphone settings.

Step 2: Then tap on WhatsApp.

Step 3: Then search for local network.

Step 4: If this is turned off , turn this back on.

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Allow WhatsApp Notification

This is like a workaround for WhatsApp call dropping on Wi-Fi on iphone. If you have turned on your WhatsApp notification then WhatsApp audio calls keep on dropping on Wi-Fi connection.

Reset Network Settings on iPhone

If you are not able to turn on notifications of WhatsApp on Wi-Fi you need to try a network resetting and accept the notification request on post reset .

To do this :

  • Click on settings.
  • Click on reset.
  • Then reset network settings.

Reboot the Router

By trying above fixes your WhatsApp reconnecting calls problem isn’t solved so lastly , you need to reboot the router and you need to Restart the WiFi Router.


By following all possible solutions above you can easily get rid of whatsapp call reconnecting issue on your iPhone or any android phone.

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