Send View Once on WhatsApp iPhone

How to Send View Once on WhatsApp iPhone

  • To send view once on WhatsApp on iPhone -> Open chat -> Tap + (Touch +)  -> select video and videos -> send.

Here are some simple ways to know how to use WhatsApp view once mode on iPhone, in order to send videos and images automatically after only self-destructing being viewed once.

How Send View Once Mode on WhatsApp Work

To provide privacy in WhatsApp, send once view mode allows us to send videos and images that can be viewed once before self-destructing. It also provides the feature of privacy to videos and photos which do not appear in the chat once the recipient opens it. Some people want to take a screenshot, but this feature lacks it, but won’t notify the recipient about the screenshot and your disappeared media. Here in this post we are providing a quick steps about how to send videos and images using WhatsApp new view once mode.

Steps to send videos and images in WhatsApp View Once Mode

Already if your are using this feature, now open  a chat and start attaching contents like normally do after that touch button in order to activate view once mode

Step 1: First open WhatsApp on iPhone

Step 2: Next, start a new chat 

Step 3: After that touch + button which is near the text entry field

Step 4: Now select video and photo library through the menu

Step 5: Choose more than one image or videos from your iPhone

Step 6: In order to activate view once mode simply touch the timer button which is available in the caption input field

This feature will be helpful to your friend to pick multiple items from the library , for this don’t forget to swipe between them to turn on view once mode. If you want to know the information related to who viewed your contents the  simply shows this popup “opened“.

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Auto Vanishing v/s View Once Media

In November 2021, whatsapp rolls out an ability to send messages that auto vanishes once a user sees your message using the view once feature on iPhone and android. With this feature you can send message to friends or family members will deleted after 7 days. In the same way videos and images also vanished after 7 days. We will not confusion with the view once option with previous existing disappear message option. In this view once mode without disappearing message, we can select to send self-erasing media. After the recipient view the video or image it will self-destruct.

How to Enable View Once in WhatsApp?

To enable view once mode, You need to update your whatsapp to latest version and automatically you will be able to see option view once mode feature and tap “1” icon to send view once whatsapp.