How to fix WhatsApp Verification Code Not Received

  • Try these methods if your whatsapp verification code is not receiving a phone call,restart your phone, force restart, check the internet and reinstall whatsapp again.

If you are a new whatsapp user or reinstalling a whatsapp application millions of times , you need to verify your mobile number.

 That’s the reason why Whatsapp sends you a 6 digit code with the text that you need to use to complete the verification process. sometimes you do not receive a verification code or if it does , the code doesn’t work .

If you did not receive a verification code by sms, wait for the progress bar to finish and retry , the wait may take up to 10 minutes , don’t guess the code because it gets locked for a certain period of time.

WhatsApp verification Code Not Receiving or not Receiving

How the verification process works ?

1) Find and select your country from the drop down menu the country code will automatically appear after that.

2) Type your phone number next to your country code remember not to put any “ 0 “ in front of the numbers

3) Then clicking on next  the action will send a request for a verification to whatsapp.

4) After this you will receive a verification code via sms instantly. It’s supposed to fill in the number field on the screen automatically , which may not work for older operating systems. You need to wait for 15 seconds to receive a code .

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Wait a Little Bit Longer

This is probably the last thing you want to hear, also but it’s top of the list of things to do. Even though the text usually arrives in mere seconds , it can depend on network issues and all.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Waiting for verification code can seem forever and futile, But the one thing you shouldn’t try to guess is the code. 

 It’s random and not even the world’s best gamblers will bite on a   one in 1,000,000 chance and that will likely lock you out of whatsapp for a while.

Request a Phone Call from WhatsApp

Whatsapp gives you another option to verify your phone number. After the 10 minutes call me option appears on the screen by tapping on it you will be officially asked for a whatsapp call and give you a 6 digit code by automated voice call  .

Other Fixes that you Want to Try?

Step 1: Restart your phone.

Step 2: Re-install whatsapp application.

Step 3: Check your internet connection.

What’s up with Whatsapp Application?

Other than  the sms and call me option whatsapp don’t provide any other options for verification. According to the company , it’s due to security and privacy reasons. 

In most of the cases , you will get the code on way or another . Start with some of all the fixes.

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