Facebook 6 digit Verification Code Not Received on Android Phones

When you try to login to facebook and facebook prompts you to enter 6 digit verification code which is sent to your registered mobile number and it has been sent by facebook which is autogenerated and you are not receiving 6 digit verification code on your android device then follow the below methods to fix these 6 digit verification code not receiving problem for android users

Most of the time by just restarting your mobile will fix the issue if not there are couple of other methods as well for you to get rid of facebook 6 digit verification not received issue.

First thing you need to check is that you are checking on same number which is registered with facebook.

Facebook is an technology that helps to connect people, friends , and family , find communities and grow business. It allows the user to share pictures, videos , music , article as well as their own thoughts and opinions.

How to fix Facebook 6 Digit Verification Code Not Receiving

Here are the simple way to fix the problem of the Facebook verification code not received :

Step 1: Re-start your phone.

Step 2: Click on settings , go to application

Step 3: Click on Facebook.

Step 4: Tap on storage.

Step 5: Click on clear data and cache.

Step 6: Return to your previous page and click on permission.

Step 7: Click on telephone and click on allow.

Step 8: Open the Gmail application.

Step 9: Click on telephone and allow the permission.

Step 10: On your browser search “ entercom”

Step 11: Enter your email id and password.

Step 12: Tap on log in.

Step 13: Click on resend email .

Step 14: Check your inbox for the code .

Step 15: The code will be sent to you in your Gmail.

These are the easiest steps for Facebook not sending code. By these steps you can fix the problem.

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Facebook Code Generator Not Sending SMS

For solving this you need to follow certain steps : 

Step 1: Tap on menu icon  from the top right corner of the Facebook home screen.

Step 2: Click on settings.

Step 3: Scroll down and click on  text  messaging under notification .

Step 4: Type your phone number and click on add Phone number.

Step 5: Enter the confirmation code 

Step 6: Click on confirm.

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