How to Fix Roblox 2 Steps verification not working or Not sending verification email or Code

  • To fix Roblox 2 Steps verification not working or Not sending verification email or Code issues -> you need to use more options and select the verification method and follow on screen instructions.
  • If you are not receiving 2 step verification emails then you need to check with your spam or junk folder of your email account and check with emails from Roblox.
  • You can try using the enabling vpn option and then check and if nothing works then you need to check with roblox support team to solve this issue of Roblox 2 step verification emails not receiving issue.

If you have enabled 2 step verification for roblox and when you enter email and roblox is not sending email verification or code then you can fix this issue easily by just following these simple and easy methods Roblox ID verification not working issue as well. So, let’s see in detail below..

Enabling 2 step verification code in Roblox is very good and secure and it adds an extra layer of security and doesn’t allow anyone to access your Roblox account. To get 2 step verification code in your Roblox account you need to press send code and enter the secret 6 Digit code.

Fix Roblox 2 Step Verification Not Sending EMails

Follow below methods to fix Roblox not sending verification code or not sending email verification code for your roblox account when you tap on send code option.

Don’t Click on Resend Code For More than 3 Times

If you have clicked on resend code for more that 3 times then your account may get disabled and 2 step verification code will not be sent to you and if you have requested more than 3 times then you need to use more options and get your secret 2 step verification code.

Use More Options

Step 1: On your Roblox 2 step verification code scene – Tap on More Options.

Step 2: select enter backup code or code and login to your Roblox account.


Step 1: Enable vpn on your mobile

Step 2: Now open Roblox account and login

Step 3: Tap on send email and check whether you have received email verification code of Roblox or not.

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Check Spam Folder or Junk Folder

Roblox may have sent 2 step verification code but those emails are in spam or Junk Folder. So make sure that you check with your spam and junk folder and check 2 step verification email from roblox.

How to Turn OFF 2 Step Verification on Roblox Without Logging IN

If you want to turn off 2 step verification on roblox without logging in then you need to use forgot password method or you can go to your google account on your android device and tap on security and sign in to your google account and turn off 2 step verification for your roblox account without signing in to your roblox account.

Need Help Contact Roblox Support

You need to tap on need help contact roblox support and go to roblox support website and enter your information like birthday and contact information and first name and last name and explain regarding the issue with your 2 step verification not receiving 6 digit codes for your roblox account and speak to the roblox support and your issue will be resolved.

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