How to Fix Yellow Tint Issue on iPhone 12/12 Pro?


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  • To fix the yellow tint issue on iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 pro you need to adjust brightness settings and turn on true tone, turn off night shift.
  • Adjust the color tint and update your iPhone 12 to the latest version

If you have an iphone 12 or iPhone 12 pro  you have noticed the screen is turning “ greenish” and “yellowish” sometimes it can also be a  paper white color this problem which you are facing is called as OLED screen issue . There are many user who use iphone and many users are complaining about this problem .

So, Apple has acknowledged that there is no fox for this problem which makes many users upset and frustrated.

VD - Disabled

Apple announced that only solution for this problem is to wait for next iOS update as this seems to be a software issue.

How to Fix Yellow Tint Issue on iPhone 12/12 Pro

So we have bought certain solution to fix the yellow tint problem

Solution 1 : Turn off True Tone

Follow below steps for turning off “true tone

Step 1: Click on iphone settings.

Step 2: Click on display and brightness.

Step 3: Click on true tone is turned on so turned off the true tone by toggling the settings.

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Solution 2 : Turn Off Night Shift

Steps for turning off the night shift

Step 1: Open the iphone settings.

Step 2: Click on display and brightness.

Step 3: Then night shift is turned on so turned off the  night shift.

Solution 3 : Adjust the Color Tint

 By turning off night shift and true tone the problem is not fixed so you can adjust the color tint to fix the problem

Steps for adjusting the color tint ;

Step 1: Click on settings

Step 2: Click on accessibility.

Step 3: If the colored filter is turned off , turn on it by toggling the settings. 

Step 4: Select color tint.

Step 5: At last adjust the Hue and intensity to remove warmer color.

Solution 4 : Update to the latest iOS version

Step 1: Open your iPhone settings.

Step 2: Click on software update.

Step 3: Then check for any updates are available

Step 4: If an update appears , Click on install now it takes some time to update based on the network quality.

That’s it, by following all above 4 solutions you can easily fix yellow tint on iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 pro.

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