How to Connect LG smart TV to Alexa

If you bought a new LG smart TV and you‘re searching for the content on how you connect  your LG smart TV to Alexa then this is the one.  Here I’m gonna guide you to connect your  LG smart TV  to Amazon Alexa. All you need to do is just follow below steps.

How to Connect LG smart TV to Alexa

Step 1:  First the user needs to power on the TV and later go to the main Menu.

Step 2:  In the Menu, under Connections  the user has to access a link to the device for voice control and there is a choice between Google assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Step 3: Choose Amazon Alexa from it. Now it will display a user agreement policy that needs to be agreed and later you need to key in your username and your password .

Step 4: Here you’re gonna log onto the Amazon account. Next is to allow access, set your birth date, agree to the terms and conditions. If you do not perform all this  many of the features will not operate.

Step 5:  Now click ok. Next, select where the TV is located in your home in case you have several TVs. With this capability download Alexa mobile app ,use the login and password, use this  to register the TV. Originally select your account ,give Amazon permission for access .

Step 6: In the Amazon app Settings under “skills and games” we search for LG ThinQ. Now log on to ThinQ not to Amazon. And it will link from your screen.

Step 7: Next after the discovery of the device, it is auto added to your Alexa account. Now the user  needs to set up the device.

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Assigning a group can be skipped or if you have multiple TVs choose a group for the product . Select from a default list or add a custom name group this adds with the TV in the office to the dining room ( for example). 

In this case this shows one new device under the dining room you can access all devices or products you added should be listed here. If you select the device please verify that it is connected via LG electronics and the device has a description and type as well. Verify whether it is enabled at the bottom of the screen. The back key will take you back to the list again.  The user can go back to the groups list on the TV click on the icon that says done. The next notification will let you know when WIFI was automatically turned on and the device gets  linked. Click ok on this screen. This is the easy way to communicate with Alexa from your LG TV.

That’s it, this is how you connect Alexa to lg smart tv.

Lakshmi Durga
Lakshmi Durga
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