How to Connect a Smart Plug to Alexa

  • To connect Smart Plug to Alexa you need to download Smartplug app from google play store and apple store and turn on alexa and follow on screen instructions.
  • If your alexa is connected to wifi then smartplug will set up automatically and you can check smart plug connected in connected device settings in amazon alexa app.
  • if your led doesn’t flash on smart plug -> then check if smart plug is already connected and enable bluetooth and location services.

To make your dumb home appliances smarter in your daily regular activities, smart plug plays a significant role. With this you’ll also add voice control to manage your appliances through a smart plug, which may sync to Amazon echo. Here, in this article you come to known how to connect a smart plug to alexa.

What is Smart Plug

Smart plug is an electronic device which is plugged into your wall outlet and you can control ant electronic device you plug in to it with your echo de vice or phone. Whenever you plug a small lamp into a smart plug, you can give a command to alexa  to turn it off. Also you can schedule your tea maker to make your tea before you wake up like you connect alexa to samsung smart tv, bluetooth, Roku etc.

What Does a Smart Plug Do

We can use smart plug to turn on or off all electronic devices, when we are not at home. If we schedule our electronic  devices to turn off at set times it will reduce electricity bill.

Steps to Connect Smart Plug to Alexa 

If you want to control non- Smart appliances, you can connect your smart plug to the Amazon echo. To do this follow the below steps to pair a smart plug with Alexa device.

Step 1: Firstly, plug your smart plug in to an wall outlet

Step 2: Next, download the amazon alexa app from google playstore or apple store.

Step 3: Now create your account in that apps and set up your smart plug with that app.

Step 4: After that launch the Alexa app

Step 5: Then click on menu of your  Alexa app (it is a three horizontal lines at the top of left corner)

Step 6: Next choose skills &games option

Step 7: Now click the magnifying glass to search for smart plug skill

Step 8: If you once found the proper skill, just enable it to use.

Step 9: Next continue with the display instructions on the smart plug. Sometimes it may ask to link your created account in the app with Alexa skill

Step 9: In your Alexa app it shows ‘Is set up and ready’ message once you finish the setup process.

That’s it, this is how you setup and connect smartplug to alexa.

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How to check if Smartplug is connected to alexa or not?

To check devices connected to alexa -> you need to open alexa app -> on bottom click on Devices -> Now click on plugs -> and your connected smart plug to alexa will be listed here.

Connect and Setup Smartplug to Alexa Manually?

Step 1: Open Alexa app on your smart phone.

Step 2: Select Devices from bottom navigation.

Step 3: Tap on Plus (+) Icon.

Step 4: Tap on Add devices -> now select plug and just follow onscreen instructions.

Smartplug Not connecting to Alexa?

If your smarplug is not working with alexa or when you plug in smart plug the led flash doesn’t flash then you need to make sure that you have enabled bluetooth and location services and check if setup process is completed successfully or not, if not start connecting smart plug to alexa again and try.

How to Turn on a Smart Plug With alexa?

When you plugin all you need to do is say “Alexa…turn on smartplug or firstplug” and a green light will flash on your smartplug which allows you to turn on your lamp.

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