How to Change Wallpaper on MacBook

  • To change Wallpaper on MacBook -> Click on Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Click on Desktop and Screensaver -> Click on Desktop tab -> Here choose Desktop Background image of yours.

When you buy a macbook it comes with a pre installed desktop wallpapers or background images. Those wallpapers are little bit lively and dynamic and sometimes we may get bored. But some people spot with same wallpapers as it sign the laziness and conformity of the persons. Apple mac gives a lot of options to change wallpapers and even you can set your own photos as wallpaper. Here we explore how background on mac quickly changes as well as how to change screen saver on mac. So, never getting tired of looking on mac.

How to Change Wallpaper on MacBook

If you want to change the default wallpaper on Mac, then first you have to try one of the Apple background which is already preinstalled on your Mac.

Step 1: First open the Apple menu, the icon which is at top left corner of screen. In that choose system preferences, then it will open the System preferences window.

Step 2: After that, Click on the desktop and screensaver. And then click on the desktop tab(you can see this window at top).

Step 3: Now, choose -> desktop picture(this you can find the sidebar of Apple menu on left side of the window).

Step 4: Choose the desktop background image you want to use.

Step 5: If you want to change your wallpaper to your own image, then tap on +option(you can see these at bottom left corner of window).

Step 6: Choose the folder with your image and tap on choose option. Now, select your image.

Step 7: If you want to rotate your desktop image, search the check box next to change the picture. IN order to rotate your wallpaper image, you need more than one image folder that you select.

Step 8: Finally choose how often you want your desktop wallpaper to rotate.

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Choose and install the best screensaver for MacBook

You have already decided the wallpaper of MacBook what it should be and even you can adjust the screen saver of mac too. In order to view the current mac screen saver open system preferences, then navigate to screen saver and search for the screen saver tab. If you want to change, then simply go for explore all options on left. In that many screen saver will present for c

Sometime you don’t know how to change screen saver for custom. First search for screen saver online and download it. And that screen saver should have .saver file extension. After that double click on file or move the file to your library and then screen saver folder. Now you can able to see the New screen saver on desktop and screen saver list.

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