How to Change WhatsApp Wallpaper for Individual Contact

  • To change whatsapp wallpaper for individual contact or specific people -> GO to the person profile and tap on profile icon -> Tap on wallpaper and sound -> Select Change Wallpaper -> Select wallpaper and set it as your individual wallpaper.
  • You can also tap on photos in wallpaper and sound in whatsapp and select your photo gallery and select your picture or any other picture and set it as individual wallpaper for one individual contact on whatsapp.

On your WhatsApp if you want you can change WhatsApp wallpaper for individual contacts instead of keeping wallpaper for entire contacts on your WhatsApp and set WhatsApp custom wallpaper for one person in android or iPhone or any other issues like whatsapp desktop keeps crashing. So, let’s see in detail below.

You can set custom wallpaper on android on whatsapp on android and change whatsapp chat wallpaper background and set individual wallpapers on whatsapp specific chat.

Change WhatsApp Wallpaper for individual Contact

Below methods will help you change whatsapp wallpaper for individual contact on your iPhone and android phone and keep a wallpaper for contacts on your iPhone in whatsapp and change background.

Step 1: Open Whatsapp on your Mobile

Step 2: Now, choose the contact or conversation that you want to change the wallpaper or keep individual wallpaper.

Step 3: Tap on the profile icon of the individual contact.

Step 4: Tap on wallpaper and Sound

Step 5: Tap on choose and select the wallpaper that you want to choose and by default you can see all wallpaper which are available on your mobile and set it as your chat wallpaper for individual.

Step 6: Tap on Picture and set your favorite picture or photo of yours or any picture from your photos album and tap on it and set it as your custom wallpaper.

That’s it, this is how you change custom wallpaper for individual contact and set custom chat wallpaper for separate individual wallpaper.

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WhatsApp Custom Wallpaper Not Working

If your custom wallpaper is not working for specific chat or individual chat when you set it as wallpaper and does not apply on iOS or Android Mobile then you need to make sure that you update your whatsapp to latest version and iPhone to the latest version and android to the latest version.

If still wallpaper for individual contact doesn’t work then you need to force restart your iPhone and clear cache and clear all data of whatsapp app on your iPhone or Android and get rid of custom wallpaper on whatsapp for individual chat not working issue will be resolved.

How to Change Chat Background on Whatsapp For One Person Android

Yes! You can change background on whatsapp for one person on android or for entire whatsapp chat by going to specific person and tap on wallpaper and sound and set your custom wallpaper on android.

How to Change Whatsapp Wallpaper For Individual Contact on iPhone

To change whatsapp wallpaper for individual contact on iPhone with any iOS 14 or iOS 15 -> Go to whatsapp -> Tap on profile icon or name -> Tap on wallpaper and sound and select wallpaper from here and set it as your whatsapp for individual contact on iPhone.

How to Remove Custom Wallpaper in Whatsapp

To remove custom whatsapp wallpaper for individual contact or remove wallpaper or your custom photo from your gallery section, you need to go to whatsapp and tap on contact profile and select wallpaper and sound and then select the wallpaper and then tap on remove wallpaper.

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