How to Change Cursor Size and Color on MacBook Pro or Air

On MacBook pro air if your macbook cursor is very small and you want to increase macbook pro mouse cursor size and want to make it bigger then you can change mouse cursor size easily by going to accessibility settings and increase pointer or cursor on macbook pro or Air.

You can also change mouse pointer color and customize mouse cursor outline color and fill color and other settings of mouse pointer on mac and change pointer size on mac from normal size to small or big or medium size and change color on mac.

Can I Increase the Pointer size on MacBook Air or Pro?

Yes! You can increase pointer size and increase it from mouse cursor appearing small and make it bigger or normal size whenever you want by going to accessibility settings -> pointer settings and increase pointer size by dragging slider here.

Change Cursor Size on MacBook Pro or Air

Follow below steps and change cursor size on macOS Sonoma, Ventura, MacOS Monterey etc.

Step 1: Click on Apple Logo on top menu bar and Click on System Settings

Step 2: On left side Menu -> Click on Accessibility

Step 3: In Accessibility Settings on Mac -> Click on Display (under Vision options).

Step 4: Under Pointer Settings you will see options to increase or decrease size of pointer (cursor).

Step 5: Now, Drag the slider Next to Pointer Size and increase the pointer size and you will see the preview of your mouse cursor (pointer) as soon as you increase the size of the pointer.

Step 6: Set the cursor size and increase size of your pointer using the slider here and increase or change cursor size on mac.

That’s it, this is how you increase and decrease mouse cursor pointer size on macbook pro or air on macOS sonoma, ventura, monterey or any macOS.

Change the Pointer Mouse Color of MacBook Pro or Air?

You can change mouse pointer color fill color and pointer fill color by going to accessibility and pointer settings on mac.

Step 1: Go to System settings on mac and Go to Accessibility Settings

Step 2: Scroll down and under pointer outline color and click on color picker and change mouse cursor or pointer outline color.

Step 3: Now, Select Pointer fill color and then change pointer fill color.

This is how you change mouse color (pointer color) on MacBook pro or air. 

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