Netflix Cast Button Missing or Not Showing on Android

When you try to cast Netflix video from your android device and you can’t find Netflix cast button or Netflix cast button is missing and can’t cast Netflix from your android device to your smart tv then you need to first check whether you are connected to same WIFI device on both your android mobile and your smart tv.

If Cast button is working on YouTube and other apps on your device and only Netflix app cast button is missing then this is an issue with Netflix app and you need to update Netflix, sign out of Netflix clear cache and data of Netflix app on your android device and reinstall Netflix app and contact Netflix support team.

Why Cast Button Not Showing on Netflix

If you are not connected to same wifi network on android mobile and smart tv then cast button will not show as the both devices are not on same wifi network and reboot or restart your smart tv and android mobile and other simple troubleshooting methods will help you fix cast button issue on android.

Some of the users experienced the same issue of the cast button not showing to cast it to tv or missing cast button after updating their android device to latest version also.

Netflix Cast button missing or Not showing on Android

Below simple methods will fix cast button issue on netflix and get back missing cast button.

Restart Both Devices –  Mobile and Smart tv

If you cant see the cast button on netflix then this can be fixed easily by restraining or rebooting android device and smart tv once and then check with cast button on smart tv.

Enable Cast Discovery Settings on Android Device

You need to enable cast discovery options and check.

Step 1: Open settings -> Tap on Google

Step 2: Tap on Device and Sharing and Tap on Cast Option

Step 3: Tap on Guest Mode / Use Network information

Once you turn on guest mode or use network information settings then go to netflix app and check you can see cast option on netflix is showing or not.

Connect to Same WIFI Network

You need to connect to same wifi network on your android device and also you need to connect to same wifi network on smart tv when you want to cast.

Most of the time, this is the issue and if you cant find cast button on netflix when casting then disconnect from wifi and check which wifi network your smart tv is connected and connect to the same wifi network on your android device.

Update Google Home App and Chromecast

If there is new version of Google Home app and chrome cast app latest version is available then you need to update both google home app to latest version and chromecast

Update Netflix App

Check if there is a new version of Netflix app is available on google play store on your android device and update it to latest version and also check with your smart tv and update netflix on your smart tv and check.

Update Google Play Store App

You need to update google play store app as well and sometimes this can be an issue with update as well and you need to go to play store on your android device and then search for google play store and update it to the latest version.

Update Google Play Services

If google play services are not updating to latest version on android mobile, then this issue can happen due to software compatibility issues and you need to update google play services from google play store and update it to latest and then check if the missing cast button is showing or not. 

Sign out of Netflix and Sign in

Due to technical issues this issue can happen as well and you need to simply sign out of the netflix app and sign in back again and check.

Clear Cache of Netflix App

This can also be an issue with netflix app cache as well and if cache gets corrupted or heavy bulky cache can cause this issue and you need to clear netflix cache and clear all data of netflix app and check.

Uninstall and Reinstall Netflix App

Uninstall Netflix app completely from your android device and then install Netflix app again on android device and then login with your Netflix login credentials and then check.

Vangari Divya
Vangari Divya
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