How to Stream Netflix from android phone to Smart TV


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Lakshmi Durga
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  • You can easily cast and stream netflix on smart tv by using chromecast or screencast or Apowermirror or any other casting devices.
  • Chromecast comes default on smart tv so that you can directly stream netlfix on smart tv or any other apps from your mobile like hotstar, hbo plus, discovery plus and other streaming apps.

If you have an android phone and trying to cast android phone to smart tv to stream netflix then thats pretty easy and straightforward. All you have to do is connect to same wifi network on both your android phone and smart tv and once you have connected you need to press the cast button on your android phone and select yoru smart tv.

In this article I will be showing you how to stream Netflix from android phone to smart TV. To do this first you need to have a smart phone that has android version 4.4 or latest. 

VD - Disabled

How to Stream Netflix from Android Phone to Smart tv

Step 1: First connect   chrome cast or compatible media to display.

Step 2:  Also connect chrome cast built in with TV.

Step 3: Make sure same Wifi is used for both TV and mobile

After these connections,

Step 4: Open Netflix application.

Step 5:  Go to cast button and click on it.

Step 6:  From the list of devices, select the device that you wish to share your Netflix content.

Step 7: Now click on any TV show or movie that you wish to watch and now that it will play and you can start streaming Netflix from android phone to smart TV using chrome cast.

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Stream Netflix from Mobile to Smart tv Using Internet Browser

Step 1: Open your web browser ->  Navigate to

Step 2: Enter your Netflix Login Credentials and login.

Note: You need to have active premium subscription in order to enjoy content and stream netflix from android phone to smart tv.

Step 3: Once you login successfully, you will be able to stream netflix on smart tv.

Cant Stream Netflix From Android Phone to Smart tv

If you cant stream netflix from android phone to smart tv then make sure that you have connected to same wifi network and restart your router / modem and also your smart phone as well and once you restart then you will be able to connect smart phone to smart tv.

Other Alternative Methods to Stream Netflix

There are severl alternative apps available on smart tv’s like apowermirror, screencast, Miracast, Anyview or any screen casting apps on Google Play store. You need to install screen mirror apps and start casting netflix from android phone to smart tv.

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