How to Change or Modify Dock and Menu Bar Settings on your MacBook

  • You can Modify Dock and Menu Bar Settings easily and change color of menu bar and remove icons from MacBook dock and add icons to dock.
  • Click on Apple menu -> System Settings and Click on Desktop and Dock on side menu and customize from options here.

On your MacBook pro or Air, if you want to modify or change or customize dock and menu bar then you can easily customize and edit menu and remove icons from mac menu bar and organize your mac menu bar as per your choice and make my Mac Dock look cool. So, lets see in detail.

Modify Dock and Menu Bar Settings on your MacBook Computer

You can also resize your doc and full screen and make your dock larger or smaller and remove recently added app icons from macbook dock and also change mac Menu bar color and customize dock and menu bar settings on MacBook pro or air on MacOS Monterey, Catalina, Big Sur etc.

Change or Modify Dock and Menu Bar Settings on your MacBook

Follow below macbook pro Guide and start customizing and change dock and menu bar settings easily.

  • On your MacBook you can easily adjust your doc and menu bar setting without any trouble.
  • Click on Empty spot on your MacBook Desktop.
  • Go ahead and click on apple logo up in the top left corner and left click on that and then select system preferences.
  • Now, Select the Dock and Menu bar button, from here you can adjust a lot of settings in here between the dock and menu bar.
  • You can see dock option and you can adjust how large you want to be between small and large so if we were to scroll it over to the right or left you can see that the bar on the bottom adjust accordingly as well as magnification if you want to have it zoomed in more option.
  • You can set it to max which is default or you can move it over further to left which would minimize it too so you wouldn’t see it as much with magnification again it’s not even check marks here but if we were to check market you would notice a difference.

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Minimize or Maximize, Full Screen, Zoom Animate Features on MacBook Dock and Menu Bar

When you minimize or maximise a window you can adjust what the appearance or eye candy features are double click a window a title bar to zoom so when you double click on it it’ll zoom in you can animate the opening applications when you open it up you see it bouncing up and down that’s what that one means you can automatically hide and show the dock on MacBook pro or Air,

If you want to check mark that if you have things full screen or you want to just drag your mouse under it that just hides it by default if you wanted to check mark or uncheck that option and again you have other options here too such as showing recent applications in dock as well as showing indicators for open applications so you want to little dot underneath a program that’s currently open as you can see in our case system preferences is open here so you see a little indication that it is open and if we were to scroll down a little bit you see there is no more on this specific page but you can automatically hide or show the menu bar up at the top.

How do I Rearrange icons on Mac Dock?

You can rearrange icon on macbook dock or remove icon as well and move placement of application icons on MacBook dock as well.

  • Click on application icon that you want to move and simple drag it to the place that you want move and release it.
  • Once you drag and move application icon then application icon will be moved to the new position that you have dragged.

That’s it, this is how you rearrange or move icons on doc from one place to another on your MacBook Dock easily

How to Add Application to Dock on MacBook Pro or Air

By default there are few applications that will be added to the macbook dock and if you want to add new applications on to your MacBook Dock then you can add them easily to your MacBook Dock.

  • Click on Go Menu on top of your Apple Menu
  • Click on Application and open Application folder on MacBook
  • Now, simple drag and drop the application icon that you want to add to your MacBook Dock and the application will be added to Dock.

That’s it, this is how you add applications to your Dock easily by just simply dragging and dropping apliction to dock on any MacOS Ventura, MacOS Catalina, MacOS Monterey or any MacOS.

Can you Change Mac Menu Bar Color?

Yes! you can change macbook menu bar color as the menu bar color using hexcode and by using terminal on your MacBook and more over macbook menu bar color changes depending up on the screen you are and it adapts that color as your menu bar color.

You can try changing mac menu bar color by changing settings as well.

  • Click on Apple icon logo on top menu
  • Select System Preferences
  • Select Accessibility
  • Now, select Display on left side menu and try changing with by selecting the options like invert colors, reduce transparency, differentiate without color and other options available here.

Once you change these colors and select invert colors then you will see the mac book menu bar colors will be inverted and to complete change menu bar color then you need to get hex code of color that you want to change and use terminal and execute commands and change color of menu bar on MacBook.

How do you customize control Center on Mac

  • Click on Apple logo on top menu
  • Click on System Settings
  • Click on Control Center on sidebar and add items or remove items

That’s it, this is how you change or customize control center on MacBook macOS Monterey or Catalina or Bigsur or MacOS ventura.


How do I remove icons from the bottom bar on my Mac?

Hold command button and click on the app icon that you want to remove and select remove from Dock option to remove icons from bottom dock on mac.

Can I Create Folders in Mac Dock?

Yes! you can add important folders to your MacBook Dock and by default downloads folder will be added on your Dock and you can remove downloads folder from your MacBook dock and customize your MacBook dock.

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