How to Modify Dock and Menu Bar Settings on your MacBook Computer

How to Modify Dock and Menu Bar Settings on your MacBook Computer

On your MacBook you can easily adjust your doc and menu bar setting without any trouble. Click on Empty spot on your desktop, go ahead and click on apple logo up in the top left corner of your finder taskbar. so go ahead and left click on that and then select system preferences .

 Now, Select the dock and menu bar button, so here you have can adjust a lot of settings in here between the dock and menu bar so you can see dock you can adjust how large you want to be between small and large so if we were to scroll it over to the right or left you can see that the bar on the bottom adjust accordingly as well as magnification if you want to have it zoomed in more you can set it to max which is default or you can move it over further to left which would minimize it too so you wouldn’t see it as much with magnification again it’s not even check marks here but if we were to check market you would notice a difference.

I’m going to go ahead and just move this back to approximately where it was and it says minimize windows when using a genie effect so when you minimize or maximize a window you can adjust what the appearance or eye candy features are double click a window a title bar to zoom so when you double click on it it’ll zoom in you can animate the opening applications when you open it up you see it bouncing up and down that’s what that one means you can automatically hide and show the dock


If you want to check mark that if you have things full screen or you want to just drag your mouse under it that just hides it by default if you wanted to check mark or uncheck that option and again you have other options here too such as showing recent applications in dock as well as showing indicators for open applications so you want to little dot underneath a program that’s currently open as you can see in our case system preferences is open here so you see a little indication that it is open and if we were to scroll down a little bit you see there is no more on this specific page but you can automatically hide or show the menu bar up at the top.