How to fix Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Picture Is Not Changing

So generally you could have it set as a slideshow mode. So change everyone in a while. But if for some reason it’s not Changing at all in today’s we resolve this problem.

Spotlight Lock screen picture not changing?

Start by opening up the start menu just go ahead and left click on the start button one time. And then Select the Setting gear icon on the left side of the start menu Search so go ahead and left click on that select the Privacy tile. You want to go on the left side. Down to background apps and go ahead and click on that and then when it says let apps run in the background go ahead and make sure that is turned on and then also you want to go select the back arrow once you’re confirmed that and then select the personalization tile and then select lock screen and then versus background to make sure it’s clicked inside the drop down inside the windows Spotlight. And then see that has resolved the problem.

One further thing you try here if we were to go back and swipe the back arrow again and this time select the Network and internet tile. Select your network type on the right side here. So whether it’s WiFi or ethernet and then just select properties. Scroll down underneath metered connection and make sure it is turned off. So if meter connection is turned on you want to go ahead and turn that off and then see if that has resolved the problem. One third thing you do is you close it here and you restart your computer see if that has resolved the problem if not. You can also try.

Open up the menu type in run so run best result should say run go ahead and click on that and now paste in a path that I have in the description. It starts a percent sing user profile and it ends with assets and go ahead and make sure it’s just copied and pasted into this run field and then select ok.


Now if you see anything here go ahead and just highlight over it all and then right click and  select the delete shortcut on your keyboard whatever is easier for you and then once that is done you want to go ahead and restart your computer and then you might have to go back in to the Settings options and then personalization lock screen and then enable the windows Spotlight like we did in the beginning. So you may go back into that so again Settings the personalization and then sort the lock screen and then you have drop down where you can sort the picture or if you just want to use windows Spotlight and that point you might have to make the change there but more than likely not but that’s just one potential little issue or thing that you might have to do. After this but besides that should be able to resolve the problem.