How to Fix Finder Not Responding macOS Monterey M1 MacBook Pro or Air

  • To fix finder not responding on MacOS Monterey M1 MacBook pro air -> you need to relaunch finder app and  force quit finder app.
  • Open activity monitor on your MacBook pro or air and then search for finder and click on Quit.
  • Free up internal storage space on your MacOS Monterey and free up space by deleting unwanted files and temporary files on your MacBook pro or air to fix finder not responding or slow or laggy or mac becomes unresponsive when clicking on finder on macOS Monterey.

On your M1 MacBook Pro or Air when you are trying to launch finder and click on from your Mac Dock and finder not responding on MacOS Monterey on M1 MacBook pro or Air then you can easily fix this issue on your Own. So, lets see in detail below.

As soon as you click on finder on your macbook doc, macbook pro or air goes unresponsive or mac hangs and finder will not work and finder will not launch at all on macBook pro or air macOS monterey.

How to fix Finder Not Responding MacOS Monterey 

Below macOS Monterey troubleshooting methods on M1 MacBook pro or air will help you fix the issue of finder not responding or MacOS finder not launching or finder icon missing on macOS Monterey.

Close and Relaunch Finder

Step 1: Click on Apple logo on top apple menu

Step 2: Click on Force Quit and a New window will pop up with applications which are open.

Step 3: Select finder from the list and click on Relaunch.

Step 4: Confirm Relaunch in pop up box and wait for your M1 MacBook pro or air to relaunch.

Once you relaunch your finder or force quit finder on your macOS Monterrey (m1 Mac Pro or Air) then your issue of Finder not responding on MacOS Monterey m1 macbook pro or air issues will be resolved successfully.

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Force Quit Finder Using Shortcut Key

Step 1: On your M1 MacBook pro or air keyboard press command key + Option key + Escape key simultaneously.

Step 2: Now, it will launch force quit window on your macBook pro or air macOS monterrey.

Step 3: Now, select finder and click on Relaunch and confirm force quit in pop up windows.

Activity Monitor

Step 1: Press command + Space on your mac keyboard and open spotlight search.

Step 2: Now, search for activity monitor and open it.

Step 3: Select CPU on top menu and search for finder on top right search box.

Step 4: Select Finder and click on cross icon on top menu.

Step 5: Now, in pop up window click on Quit and close activity monitor.

Now, once you quit finder from activity monitor, then go ahead and click on finder from your doc and your finder will open on your macOS monteryr macbook pro or air without any issues and your issue of macbook pro or air finder not launching or not responding when clicking on it or macbook get stuck when clicking on finder issues will be resolved successfully.

Free Up Internal Storage Space on MacBook pro or air on MacOS Monterey

Step 1: Click on Apple logo on top

Step 2: Click on About This Mac option.

Step 3: In pop up window -> Click on Storage tab.

Step 4: If your storage is less than 5 GB then this issue can happen with finder.

Step 5: Go ahead and delete unwanted photos or videos or applications and free up space on your macOS Monterey MacBook pro or air.

Once you free up space on your macbook pro or air on macOS monterey then your issue with finder will be resolved.

Update your MacOS to Latest macOS

Sometimes, by just updating macOS to the latest Monetary update your issue will be fixed, if the issue is with corrupted files of finder application.

Catalina Finder not responding

If finder is not responding on MacOS Catalina then you need to disconnect power source and connect power source again and check and this doesn’t help then delete unwanted files and folders on your MacBook and free up space and force quit and relaunch your finder app will fix catalina finder not responding issue.

Why Finder not responding macOS Monterey

Finder will not launch or finder will not respond on MacOS Monterey is due to faulty applications installed on your macOS Monterey or due to heavy usage of your m1 MacBook pro or air and if you are having less storage space on your MacBook then this issue of finder not responding or responding slow or finder hangs or slow issues can occur, so free up space on your internet memory and delete unwanted apps and photos and videos.


Finder freezes when moving files on MacOS Monterey

If your finder freezes when moving file then you need to force quit finder app and relaunch it and free up internal storage space and fix mac finder freezes when copying.

Why does Finder on my Mac keep freezing?

This can be due to corrupted files files of finder application and you need to relaunch finder and close or quit finder from activity monitor.

How do you unfreeze Finder on Mac?

To unfreeze finder on MacOS Monterrey -> Click on Apple menu -> Select force quit and find finder application and force quit finder to unfreeze finder on MacBook pro or Air – macOS Monterey.

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