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How to Fix iPhone or iPad Not Showing on Finder on macOS Monterey – iOS 15

  • To fix iPhone or iPad not showing the finder on macOS Monterey then you need to delete the finder plist file, close finder and restart your mac.
  • Check for faulty cable, enable cds, dvds, ios devices and update your iOS to latest version on your mac and your iphone / ipad.

When you connect your iPhone or iPad to your mac and you see it is not showing up on your macbook then follow below steps to fix this issue like enabling cd, DVDs, iOS devices, force close finder and delta plist file. So, follow below method to fix finder not showing on mac when connected iPhone or ipad

iPhone or iPad Not Showing up Finder on macOS Monterey

Follow troubleshooting methods to fix iphone not showing up finder on macos when connected to macbook

Delete finder plist file

Step 1: Launch finder app on your mac

Step 2: Click on Go in the menu bar

Step 3: Now, select Go to finder under go menu

Step 4: Enter the following text -> ~Library/Preferences/ and click on Go. 

Step 5: Now find and move it to trash.

Step 6: After that restart your MacBook

Now, your iphone or ipad will start show in finder without any issues.

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Enable CDs, DVDs, and iOS Device

Step 1: FIrst open the finder on your Mac

Step 2: Click finder on your menu 

Step 3: Select Preferences under finder Menu

Step 4: Now, select Sidebar and select the check box next to “CDs, DVDs, and iOS devices”

Step 5: Once selected go ahead and open the finder app.

Force Close Finder and Restart your Mac and iOS Device

Step 1: Click on the apple icon on menu bar

Step 2: Now, force quit under the apple menu

Step 3: After the select finder and click force quit. The sameway close all the other apps running in background

Step 4: Now, restart your mac and iOS device,

Other Methods to Fix iPhone / iPad not Showing on Finder

Step 1: Make sure you are using the same cable which came with your iOS or iPad Device

Step 2: Make sure there your cable is not damaged and working properly and dont use any damaged usb cable to connect your iPhone to Macbook.

Step 3: Try using different usb cable, if you are using third party usb cabe then make sure it is apple certified cable and supports your macbook and iphone

Step 4: Make sure that your iPhone is updated to the latest version of iOS and your Mac is updated to the latest version of macOS. 

By following all methods you will be able to fix iphone and ipad not showing on mac when connected issue successfully.

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