Mac Calendar Slow After MacOS Monterey Update

How to fix Mac Calendar Slow After MacOS Monterey Update

  • To fix mac calendar slow after macos Monterey update or calendar lagging then you need to delete ical plist file and disable calendar exchange.
  • Restart your Mac in safe mode and reinstall macos to fix macbook calendar slow or lagging issues.

If you have updated your MacOS to the latest version of Monterey update and your mac calendar is responding slow when you are checking your calendar on your mac and sometime stuck or mac calendar not syncing or taking too much time to sync and mac calendar server responded with an error or any other issues with your mac calendar after monterey update then this troubleshooting guide will help you fix this mac calendar issues. So, let’s see in detail below.

Fix Mac Calendar Slow After macOS Monterey Update

Below macOS monterey troubleshooting guide will help you fix calendar slow after update issues on your mac.

Solution 1: Delete Calendar plist file

Step 1: Go ahead and open finder on your Mac by pressing Command + Shift + G which will go to the folder.

Step 2: In Go to folder -> enter the following path -> ~/Library/Preferences/ and click on Go. 

Step 3: Now, locate file and move this file to trash and restart your MacBook.

That’s it, once you delete the ical plist file you need and restart your computer go ahead and check with your calendar app and you will not face mac calendar slow and your issue will be resolved successfully.

Solution 2: Disable Exchange Calendar

Sometimes disabling the exchange calendar in calendar app will also resolve the issues, so go ahead and disable exchange calendar and check with your calendar app slow responding issue is resolved or not.

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Solution 3: Restart your MacBook in Safe Mode

To restart your mac in safe mode for intel based Mac follow below steps

Step 1: Shut down your macbook by apple menu -> Shutdown-> Shutdown and wait until your mac shut downs completely.

Step 2: Now, Press power button / touch id -> Now immediately hold down the shift key on your mac keyboard and wait until you see the login window on your mac screen.

Step 3: Enter your login details (if mac is encrypted with filevault it will ask you to enter password twice).

Step 4: Once you enter safe mode your calendar app should work normally without any lagging or slow.

That’s it, once you enter into safe mode, your issue with calendar app should fix and to come out of safe mode on mac you need to restart your mac.

If you are using Mac with Apple Silicon (M1 chip) follow below to enter safe mode

Step 1: Shut down your MacBook first and wait for few seconds.

Step 2: Now, hold down the power button until you see start up option.

Step 3: Here, you need to select startup disk (macintosh HD).

Step 4: Now, by holding shift key you need to click continue -> Click continue in safe mode while holding shift key.

Step 5: Now, let go off shift key and wait for login window to appear on your MacBook and enter login details once you see login window.

That’s it. Now your macbook calendar app should work fine without lagging and calendar app should not respond slow on your mac after macOS monterey update issue should be resolved.

Reinstall MacOS

If you are using macbook with intel processor 

Step 1: Shutdown your Mac -> Press power button / touch id

Step 2: Now, immediately press command + R keys until you see the apple logo or globe.

Step 3: MacOS utility window will appear on your screen with 4 options -> select reinstall macOS and click continue.

That’s it, once you click continue and follow onscreen instructions your macOS will be reinstalled and your mac calendar slow after macOS monterey update will be fixed successfully.

If you are mac with M1 chip Apple silicon follow reinstall macOS below

Step 1: Shut down your MacBook and then hold down the power button or touch id and turn it on.

Step 2: You need to press power button until you see startup option window appears

Step 3: Now, select options and click continue and wait for a few seconds and macOS utilities window will appear with 4 options.

Step 4: Select Reinstall MacOS and follow onscreen instructions.

That’s it, by following all above methods your issue of macbook calendar slow after macOS monterey update will be solved.