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Solved: Waiting for printer to become available on Mac

On your macbook when you are trying to print and suddenly it says waiting for printer to become available” on mac and wondering how to fix or it takes too long for your printer to become available then here is a solution for you and how to fix the solutions for the issue “ waiting for printer to become available” on mac. Here we have only five simple steps to fix this issue

How to fix Waiting for printer to become Available on Mac

Step 1 : First, disconnect (unplug) the printer cable from your mac if connected.

Step 2 : Then turn off your printer.

Step 3 : After that, Reset the printing system.

– First, click the apple icon at the top – left corner of the screen.

– Then select system preferences under the apple menu.

– Here click “ printers and scanner” .

– After that, hold down the control key and click anywhere in the list of devices.

– Now select “ reset printing settings” from the menu that appears.

Step 4 : Then remove printer drivers.

– First , open the finder app.

– Then select “ go” in the menu bar.

– Here select “go to finder” under the go menu.

– After that, enter the following text -/library/printers/ and then click “ go”.

– Now your mac will open the printers folder.

– Here click “edit” and then choose “ select all”. 

– Now click “ file” and then select “ new folder with selection”. 

– Now all selected items will go into a new folder named “ new folder with items”.

– Then delete the new folder ( new folder with items) and empty the trash.

Step 5 : Now install the printer drivers ( given by apple). 

-First, reconnect the printer to your mac.

– Then turn on your printer and wait until it finishes starting up.

– Now go to the apple menu and select “ system preferences” under the Apple menu.

– Here click “ printers and scanners”.

– Select your printer in the list of devices . If your printer doesn’t appear in the list of devices, click the “ + (plus icon)” at the bottom of the list and then select your printer from the list.

– Then click “add” to download the select printer software.

– Wait until the download process is finished.

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