How to Install parallels on MAC

Subscriber who purchase parallel desktop has one goal in their minds: want to Install Windows on MAC. If you want to work with Windows on MAC, it’s better to choose parallel MAC business edition, because it is a most demanding application. If you want to proceed with this you need to already sign up with parallel my accounts. So, here in this post we are providing how to install and activate parallel on MAC. 

How to Install Parallels on MAC

It is very crucial step for installing parallels on MAC, which enables it to run applications on a Macos device. If you want to proceed with this process, first we need to install a window visualization tool on MAC, it is not only compatible with Windows but also it is secure, fast and designed for deployment, so here are some simple steps for installing it.

Step 1: Firstly, download parallels on your MAC 

Step 2: Then double tap the .dmg file to your mount it in finder, after that double tap on install.

Step 3: Next, go through the license agreement and tap on accept 

Step 4: To finalize installation process, enter your local MAC user is and password

Step 5: Now, you need to activate parallel business edition

Step 6: For this, start parallel on MAC by double tap on the icon

Step 7: If it open any installation assistance, just skip it

Step 8: Next, go to parallel desktop menu, and tap on account and license 

Step 9: After tapping on it. It simply displays signin dialog box

Step 10: Now, tap on business edition option which is available at lower left corner

Step 11: After that you need to enter license key.

Step 12: Next, tap on activate

Step 13: If it is activated successfully, a successful message will displayed on your screen

By following above methods you can easily install parallels on macbook without any issue.

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How to Install Parallels on Mac M1

The procedure is same for installing parallels on mac m1 as mentioned in above steps you can install parallels successfully.

Is Parallel on Mac Safe to Use?

Its highly recommedned to use antivirus on your mac for guest mode os parallel on mac, your mac may be vulnerable as it runs and emulates virtual os and it also depends on the person who is using parallel on mac.

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