MacBook Pro Not Connecting to Internet

  • To fix macbook pro not connecting to internet -> reset your router/modem , reset network settings and renew dhcp and perform a wireless diagnostics will fix internet issues on macbook pro.

On your macbook whenever you are search for information on a website, your search engine  won’t open the website, and instead it says that you are not connected your internet and MacBook pro does not connect to the internet and this is a very common problem and need to troubleshoot wifi connection problems. this will occur due to the loss of no internet connection. It is very important to resolve the issue, because it does not load your web page in your browser. So, in this post, we are providing some solution to fix the issue of MacBook Pro not connecting to internet.

How to fix Macbook Pro Not Connecting to Internet

Follow these below troubleshooting methods and your macbook pro not connecting to internet issue will be resolved.

Fix macbook pro not connecting to internet

Restart your Router/modem

If you are Internet not working properly means it might be your router problem so restart your router.

Step 1: First disconnect both your modem and router

Step 2: And wait rate for 30 to 40 seconds 

Step 3: After that connect both your modem and router back in the power cable 

Step 4: Now wait about 60 to 90 minutes and check if your mac can browse your website or not.

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Reset Network Settings 

Now try to forget your forget Wi-Fi network. Before you  perform this operation on your Macbook Pro, make sure that you have your Wi-Fi password and then follow the steps to reset your network settings on mac.

Step 1: From your Apple menu, go to  system preferences

Step 2: Then tap on network option

Step 3: After that in list of network available on the left. from that  choose Wi-Fi

Step 4: After that select advanced option 

Step 5: Now go to Wi-Fi tab 

Step 6: Next, select the Wi-Fi network which your mac want to forget

Step 7: Then tap on remove button and confirm your decision 

Step 8: Finally tap on Ok and apply.

Renew DHCP lease

Step 1: First go to my system preferences 

Step 2: Then tap on network option

Step 3:  Now click on Wi-Fi

Step 4: After that select your Wi-Fi network name

Step 5:  Next tap on advanced option

Step 6: Then tap TCP/ IP tab which is located at top of your screen

Step 7: Lastly tap on “renew DHCP lease”

Apple’s wireless diagnostic

Now follow the below mentioned steps to use the wireless diagnosis parameter

Step 1: Now quit from all the apps and connect your mac to Wi-Fi network 

Step 2: Then press and hold the option key

Step 3: During holding down the option key tap on Wi-Fi icon from the menu bar

Step 4: Now you can able to see a menu item, then tap on open wireless diagnostic 

Step 5: After that tap on continue

Step 6: Now you need to wait for 3-5 minutes. Till wireless diagnostic run

Contact Apple Support

If you are still facing the issue of Mac not connecting to WiFi. For this you need to contact Apple support team. There are two options available in Apple support 

1) Genius bar reservation

2) Live chat

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