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How to Tether iPhone to Mac

  • To tether the iphone to mac you need to enable tethering to a personal hotspot.
  • To enable tethering personal hotspot on your iPhone -> Settings -> Personal hotspot -> General ->Select Network -> Enable personal hotspot.
  • Enable personal hotspot on Macbook -> Click on WIFI -> locate your wifi -> click on connect.

Here we are going to show you how to create a hotspot between your Mac and your iPhone it’s also known as tethering and what this allows your Mac to do is to get onto the internet using the data from your iPhone and that way in so with it using the data on your phone please do check what data package you have on your phone otherwise you might find yourself with a big bill so just check that out before you start doing this with that said let’s get into doing  it

The first thing we need to do is enable the hotspot on the mobile phone. First you can do it either way but we’ll do it on the phone. 

Enable Tethering personal hotspot on iPhone

 Step 1: First to do this we go to settings and if you have a look here we have personal hotspot now one thing just before going into a personal hotspot if you don’t know the name of your phone which you’ll need to know because we’re going to search for it on the Mac here in a second via Wi-Fi you can scroll down to general and you can go to about and that is the name of the phone and if you’d like you can click it and change your name so now you know this thing this iPhone is called iPhone.

Step 2:  Now we’re going into the personal hotspot which is here and I want to enable that okay set your  password here already you can you’ll have maybe some random letters and you can change it. 

Settings to be Done in Mac to Tether iPhone to Macbook

Step 3:  So we’re set with the phone. Let’s go to the Mac if we go up to the Wi-Fi button just at the top there and click there.

Step 4:  We’ll get a drop-down of all of your local networks local Wi-Fi networks and  behold iPhone is there so we click that.

Step 5: And  now it’s asks for the password and  type your password  and click drain and if you have a look at the little Wi-Fi logo it’s now change to a couple of links and you can see it has a tick next to iPhone so you are  now connected to the Internet via your iPhone here 

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So that is essentially how you do a hotspot. So thank you very much for choosing this website. Wish you a great day.

Can I tether my Macbook to my iphone?

yes ! You can tether from macbook to your iPhone all you need to enable personal hotspot on both the device i.e macbook and iPhone and click on connect. That’s it, this is how you tether mac to iPhone.