FIX: File Explorer Search Very Slow in Windows 10 with Green Bar

  • To fix file explorer search very slow and speed up file explorer search you need to Enable Windows Search Service, Change folder optimization Settings, Disable Quick Access.
  • Clear file explorer history to speed up windows file explorer search very slow issue and green bar showing when you search for a long time in windows 10.
  • Clear Quick Access cache and delete Quick Access cache file.
  • Delete High CPU usage files using windows task manager.
  • Disable search index in windows 10 20H2 and update outdated drivers.
  • Optimize windows 10 hard drive

When you search something on windows 10 using file explorer it takes too much time and search bar shows green bar it goes on searching and searching. You can fix this file explorer slow search issue easily on your own by following simple methods below. So, lets see in detail below what is file explorer and why file explorer search becomes slow and others related to file explorer. 

What is File Explorer?

Windows explorer or file explorer belongs to Microsoft Windows and it was first introduced with Windows 95. Windows explorer with some additional functionality and features is called file explorer. While file explorer has graphical user interface components with this feature you can manage and edit data and other information stored in your PC. This is the most used app in Windows 10 and other versions. 

In this we can easily copy, edit and move files. Along with this you can also cancel, resume and stop the copying process. From the above mentioned advantages it may have some disadvantages that are extremely slow while copying or opening files which may be a serious issue for users who work with files on a daily basis. Luckily we provided some methods in this article to solve the above mentioned disadvantages.

How to Fix File Explorer Search Slow in Windows 10

Enable Windows Search Service

Change folder optimization Settings

Disable Quick Access

Clear file explorer History.

Method: 1 Windows Search Service is Disabled 

These services will modify how Windows search services run on the system. It is also responsible for running of available programs and managing all resources and system settings. The reasons behind modifying service settings are troubleshooting and security, performance related. If we want to disable window service follow these steps.

Step:1 Now press Windows key+R  on keyboard

Step:2 Which opens a run dialog box. After that type ‘msconfig’ and click on ‘ok’

Step:3 After that in system configuration select service tab

Step:4 Next select windows search from service tab

Step:5 Now uncheck It and click on apply to make changes

Step:6 Next restart your PC and see still any problems with file explorer.

That’s it, this is how you search file explorer search slow in windows wo with green bar in windows 10.

Method:2 Change Folder Optimization Settings

If there’s any problem while accessing a specific folder. For this change the folder optimization by following simple steps.

Step:1 Select the folder and right click on it and choose ‘properties’ from the menu

Step:2 From the properties menu select customize tab

Step:3 Now check ‘optimize this folder for’ is settled in ‘general items’ or not

Step:4 If general items options is settled click in dialog box(i.e., Also apply this template to all sub folder)

Step:5 Now tap on ‘Apply’  in order to save changes made.

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Method:3 Disable Quick Access

One of the best features of file explorer is quick accessing. Whenever we open a file and folder recently this is all shown in file explorer under the quick access icon. It also slows down the working of file explorers. To overcome this issue by following the steps.

Step:1 Open file explorer and select file

Step:2 Under that file menu choose ‘change folder and search options’

Step:3 And click on change folder and search options it will navigate you to folder option window

Step:4 From that folder option select ‘general’ tab.  Their you find ‘open file explorer to’ in that select ‘This pc’ option

Step:5 Next uncheck both show frequently used folders and show recently used files in quick access.

Step:6  And tap on ‘Apply’ in order to save changes made and click on ‘ok’ to exit.

Method:4 Clearing File Explorer History

With this method you can clear file explorer history which may include recently opened folder or files. After clearing file explorer history it improves file explorer working. We will Clear  file explorer history by following these steps.

Step:1 For clearing history open control panel and select ‘file explorer  options’

Step:2 After opening the file explorer option there you will find the ‘clear’ button and tap on it.

Step:3 Next click on ‘Apply’ to save made changes.

Hopefully, the above mentioned methods improve the working of file explorers and solve issues like extremely slow when  copying or opening files or search in file explorer.

Windows 10 File Explorer Working on it?

if windows 10 file explorer is not working then you need to delete the quick access cache file or you need to delete a file in quick access and once you delete the quick access file your windows 10 file explorer will start working fine.

Windows 10 explorer keeps loading?

if windows 10 file explorer keeps on loading that means file explorer is still searching for the file which you have requested and its taking longer than expected due to quick access files settings or other settings on your windows 10 or due to heavy files stored on your computer or due to cache issues of your hard drive or quick access settings.

FAQ on File Explorer Search Very Slow

Due to outdated drivers or due to search overload or you may have virus or Malware or it can be due to software conflict or software glitch.

Make sure you have enabled windows service search, rebuild Search index, Delete Quick Access cache file, change file explorer settings and un-check options, Update outdated drivers, Update your windows 10 as well to fix file explorer search is very slow.

If file explorer search in folders is loading slow when you search with green bar then you need to optimize your hard drive and make sure your hard drive is having enough space and stop the services which are running or occupying cpu usage by using control + ALT +delete and delete high cpu usage files.

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