How to Fix Slow usb 3.0 slow transfer windows 10

How to Fix Slow usb 3.0 slow transfer windows 10

On your windows 10 computer when you insert usb 3.0 and when you transfer files from your computer to usb 3.0 and notice that transferring files from usb is very slow then you need to follow these simple methods to speed up slow usb 3.0 slow transfer on windows 10 computer.

So, lets see in detail below and you need to make sure that you buy high transfer rate usb 3.0 when you buy a new one.

Fix Slow usb 3.0 slow transfer windows 10

Below methods will help you fix slow transfer from usb 3.0 and will definitely speed up transfer speed.

Using CMD Command Prompt – Hardware and Device Troubleshoot

Step 1: Click on windows 10 start menu 

Step 2: Type in CMD and right click on cmd and run as administrator.

Step 3: Click on yes (if you want to make changes to this app) and run cmd as administrator

Step 4: Now type in -> msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic and hit enter.

Step 5: Hardware and Devices screen window will appear on your screen and just click on next

Step 6: Wait for your windows to detect problems and fix any issues with slow usb 3.0 slow transfer window 10

Once this hardware and device troubleshoot complete it will resolve any issue with windows 10 and slow usb 3.0 transfer on windows 10 computer will be resolved successfully.

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Run SFC Scan

Step 1: Open cmd and run as administrator

Step 2: In elevated command prompt -> type in sfc /scannow and hit enter.

Step 3: Once you enter sfc scannow and hit enter -> windows will check for any issues and corrupted files and fix any issues found which is causing slow usb 3.0 slow transfer in windows 10.

Step 4: Wait for the scan to complete 100 percent here,

One you run sfc scannow you need to go ahead and restart your windows computer, so that the changes you made should reflect on your window computer.

Change USB Port

If your usb port is having slow transfer then you need to go ahead and insert the usb to another usb port on your computer or laptop.

Sometimes, in a Windows 10 laptop or computer different usb port on your computer have different speed limit. So change port and check once.

If you still have the same issue then there is an issue with your usb only. You need to check with the usb transfer speed when you buy a usb 3.0, different types of usb ports have different types of file transfer limit as well.

So, it’s recommended to cross check with the transfer / upload or download limit as well when you buy a usb port.

Format USB 3.0

You can try formatting usb 3.0 once you have copied all data on to your computer or hard drive, so make sure that you have done taking back up then go ahead and format your usb 3.0 so that if any bad cluster or files get corrupted can be fixed when your format or any virus inside usb 3.0 which cause usb to run slow will be resolved.