How To Fix a Corrupted USB Flash Drive

Corrupted USB flash drive can be fixed easily, when using flash drive gets corrupted which makes unreadable and by performing few steps via CMD or you cannot reset your flash drive by formatting and formatting will not work as well, let see how to fix corrupted USB flash drive in detail.

Fix Corrupted USB Flash Drive using CMD:

When you connect a corrupted USB flash drive windows 10 recognises the device but it prompts and says please insert a disk and becomes unreadable and you cant format it by clicking on it. Windows 10 has built in command line tool for disk partitioning and by using this command will fix corrupted USB flash drive.

Step 1: On your keyboard press windows key + R and open command prompt terminal

Step 2: Type diskpart in command prompt and Enter.

Step 3: Now your hard drive will boot up wait for a while till it shows completed.

Step 4: Once you are in disk location prompt type list disk and press enter. All your devices will be listed.

Step 5: Now select your USB flash drive from displaying list and type select disk 3 (if it is disk 2 type disk 2).

Step 6: Now type clean  and press enter.

Step 7: Create a new partition here and to create type create partition primary and press enter.

Step 8: Format file system now and to do this type format fs=fat32 quick and press enter.

Step 9: Once you format your drive will open automatically.

Note: if your drive  did not prompt after using command : fs=fat32 quick, then you have to make your USB drive state to active.

Step 10: To Make drive active type active and press enter.

Step 11: Now type assign and your USB drive will be back.

This is how you fix a corrupted usb hard drive and even you cant format a usb hard drive, after performing above steps you corrupted usb flash drive will be fixed and you can start using your flash drive without any issue.

Fix Corrupted USB flash drive using Repair Utility

Yes you can also fix by running a repair utility tool and other third party software which are available can also fix corrupted usb flash drive.

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