How to Fix Corrupted Icons and Shortcuts on Desktop in windows 11

  • To fix corrupted icons and shortcuts not working on windows 11 then you need to delete this iconcache file on appdata hidden folder.
  • To reset and delete icon cache -> Navigate to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local folder and delete icon cache file and restart your computer.

In windows 10 if your icons and shortcuts on desktop in windows 11 or windows 10 are corrupted all of sudden due to virus or due to any other reason and showing icons on desktop showing white icon file then you can restore default icons and get back corrupted icons and shortcut icons on desktop and fix corrupted files in windows 10 by following these simple ways, so, lets see them in detail below.

Fix Corrupted Icons and Shortcuts in Windows 11

Step 1: Click on file explorer icon on windows 11 taskbar menu

Step 2: On the right hand side -> Select This pc.

Step 3: Go ahead and double click on windows c drive (where windows 11 is installed).

Step 4: Double click on users folder.

Step 5: Double click on user account name (user name folder)

Step 6: Locate app data folder here -> If you don’t see app data folder then you need to select show hidden items and folder option and to do that you need to click on top bar -> VIEW -> Show -> Select Show hidden items and this will bring up hidden items like app data.

Step 7: Double click on App data folder -> Local folder.

Step 8: Now, you need to locate the icon cache file here -> Go ahead and delete this icon cache file.

That’s it, once you delete this iconCache file you need to go ahead and restart your computer and wait for your windows 11 computer to boot and restart.

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Once your computer restarts all your missing icons or corrupted icons & shortcuts on desktop appearing as white icon or corrupted icons will be back and will be working as expected.

What happens if you delete the icon cache folder?

If you delete this corrupted icon cache folder and restart your windows 11 or 10 computer it will rebuild icon cache and fix the broken icon cache will be resolved.

How to reset icon cache on windows 11 or windows 10?

To reset icon cache on windows 11 you need to delete the icon cache folder in c: users / app data -> local folder and restart your computer. Once your computer restarts your icon cache will be rest and will be created again.

Where is the icon cache folder located on windows 10 or windows 11?

In windows 11 or windows 10 icon cache inside app data folder will be hidden, you need to select to show hidden items and navigate to this folder -> C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local folder and find iconcache file and simply delete it and restart your computer.

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