How to fix Display Larger or Smaller icons than Your Desktop Monitor


If your windows 10 display is larger than your monitor or your display is too small on your laptop or desktop and want to make adjustments on your display and set it display larger or smaller than your desktop monitor, you can set it and adjust and configure as you need and which display settings looks good or sets for your use on your desktop. So, lets see in detail how to set or configure displays larger / smaller on desktop, laptop.

How to Display Larger or Smaller than on Desktop Monitor

Step 1: Open the start menu and type in display settings.

Step 2: open display settings by clicking on change the resolution of the display.

Step 3: In Display settings on the right hand side -> scroll down and locate display resolution.

Step 4: Using the drop down options -> select the resolution depending on your monitor.

Step 5: Play around with these screen display settings and select which display settings which suits your better and restart your computer if needed.

That’s it, this how you change display larger or smaller than on desktop monitor.

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Can i Revert Back to Previous Display Settings?

Yes! You can always rever back changes and if you want you can keep these display larger or smaller settings as you wish.

How to Revert back to original display settings?

If you are unhappy or you want to change or you don’t need to display larger screen display or smaller screen on your desktop. Go to Display settings -> under display resolution settings -> select your screen size and click on keep changes. Thats it, this is how you change screen or rever back to original screen display settings by selecting your monitor size on your desktop or computer.

Fix Overviewed Screen or Smaller screen on windows 10 laptop or desktop

To fix overviewed screen or icons on desktop are smaller you need to select correct display settings as per your monitor and once selected in displayed settings you need to keep these changes and it automatically gets fixed and all icons or folder or bigger icons on windows 10 monitor screen will be fixed. 

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