USB access denied in windows 10

USB access denied in windows 10

When you plugged in USB on to your windows 10 computer, this is due to insufficient permissions or your usb is not recognizing computer when you try to access windows 10 and get and error saying USB access denied in windows 10 or any other removable devices to fix and you can fix this usb access denied by registry method as well.

How to fix USB access denied in windows 10:

Method 1 for USB access denied in windows 10 by gpedit.msc

Step 1: Press windows + R and open run

Step 2: Type gpedit.msc and press ok.

Step 3: Navigate to Administrative template-> System and click on Removable storage access.

Step 4: Once you click on removable storage access on right hand site panel you will see settings.

Step 5: All you removable disk access are enabled just go ahead and change the settings.

Step 6: Double click on it and change setting to not configured for all listed removable disk access and apply settings and press ok.

Step 7: Now when you now open your connecte usb it will not say access denied and you can easily open and access the usb device connected to your windows 10 computer.

Method 2 for fixing USB access denied in windows 10 by setting permissions

Step 1: Right click on connect USB drive and click on properties.

Step 2: Click on security tab

Step 3: Click on advanced

Step 4: Now click on change.

Step 5: Under Enter the object name to select enter your pc name and click on select names. (this will automatically select your pc) and press ok

Step 6: Click Apply and ok.

Step 7: Now Again click on USB drive and right click and select properties.

Step 8: Click on security tab and click edit.

Step 9: Allow permissions and for authenticated.

Step 10: click apply and ok.

Now you will not get error USB access denied in windows 10 when accessing your USB drive on your computer.