Convert iTunes Music to mp3

If you are looking to convert iTunes music to mp3 then you can do it easily, By default iTunes music format is not mp3 it will be in m4a format. So lets see how to convert iTunes music to mp3 and convert iTunes playlist to mp3.

How to Convert iTunes music to mp3

Step 1: Click on apple icon and Go to preferences

Step 2: Click on import settings

Step 3:  Once import settings prompted, change import using from AAC Encoder to MP3 Encoder.

Step 4: Now change settings to High Quality (which you prefer).

Step 5: Click ok.

Step 6: Now open you iTunes and open any album

Step 7: Select the files which you want to convert them in to mp3.

Step 8: In menu bar navigate to file and select convert -> and create mp3 version.

Step 9: Once you select this all selected files will start converting and it takes a little while just wait till converting process gets complete.

Step 10: Once song gets converted to mp3 in iTunes you will see files and to make sure the format is mp3 just right click on song and select show on folder.

Step 11: Once you get into show in folder, you can copy converted iTunes music/songs to your selected mp3 player or mobile.

That’s it this is the process to convert iTunes music to mp3. The process is same here if you want to convert iTunes playlist to mp3 as well.

How to copy converted mp3 songs to mp3 player:

  1. Open your iTunes and select the converted songs from your iTunes.
  2. Right click on the song and select show in folder.
  3. Select and copy the song to your mp3.

That’s it, your converted songs from iTunes to mp3 will be copied to mp3 player.