fix iPhone Not Playing music in car using USB Port Cable

How to fix iPhone Not Playing music in car using USB Port Cable

  • To fix iPhone not playing music in the car connected with usb cable or using usb cable port then you need to check with damaged usb cable, turn off bluetooth and connect it and restart your iphone.
  • Update your iphone to latest version, download a song and restart your iphone and other troubleshooting methods to fix iphone not playing music in car using usb cable.

When you connect your iphone to play music on your car and you have connected your iphone to car using usb cable and inserted it to your car usb to play music and its playing nothing or not detecting any songs present on your iphone or iphone not playing music on your car then you need to make sure that there are any damaged or having issues after updating iphone or restarting you can fix this issue.

How to Fix iPhone not Playing Music in Car when connected using usb port cable

Below troubleshooting methods will help fix the issue iphone not playing music using usb cable port.

Check with USB Cable and USB ports

Try to connect your iphone to your car with different usb cable and insert into different usb port and make sure your usb cable is not damaged or sometimes usb cable ports may be culprit and cause iphone not playing music in the car when connected using usb cable or usb port.

Turn off Bluetooth

Step 1: Unplug usb cable from iphone 

Step 2: Turn off bluetooth

Step 3: Now, connect your iphone to your car using usb cable.

Download a Song

First thing is you need to have songs downloaded on your iphone and stored on your iphone and your iphone will detect songs when you connect your iphone to car using usb cable.So, go ahead and download song on your iphone

Sometimes, simply turning off Bluetooth and connecting will help your carplay or iPhone to detect songs on your iPhone and the issue of iPhone not playing music in car using or connecting through usb port cable will be fixed successfully.

Restart your iPhone

Step 1: Tap on settings -> Scroll down and now tap on general

Step 2: Now, tap on shutdown -> drag the slider to turn off and wait for your iphone to shutdown completely.

Step 3: Now press the power button to turn on iPhone.

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Check the Music App

Make sure your music app is installed on your computer and there are no issues and your music app is working or not. If the music app is not available on your iphone then go ahead install the music app from apple store and then connect your iphone to your car using usb port cable.

Reset All Settings

If nothing works, then you need to go ahead and reset all settings and then connect your iphone to car and play music by connecting iphone using usb cable

Step 1: Launch settings -> General -> Reset

Step 2: Select Reset All settings -> confirm rest all settings in popup box and wait for iphone to reset all settings and restore it with original default settings.

Update your iPhone

If you are running with outdated software then you need to update it to latest version and try connecting it to your car and play music on iphone. If you are having issue after updating iphone then you need to wait for the next update to release new version of iOS with bug fixes and this often happens after updating your iphone.