iPhone 15 and Pro Series Gets USB C Charging Port Replacing Lightning Cable Port


Before Apple event 2023 there are rumors of iPhone 15 getting usb c cable instead of lightning cable port and finally wait is over and at the apple event finally apple announces iPhone 15 series now gets USB C port charging cable instead of lightning cable port officially for the first time.

Apple made a good move here by replacing the lightning cable port with a USB C port because many users face issues when charging iPhone in realtime and many people struggle charging the iPhone with a lightning cable port.

Apple Lightning Cables are Not Bad But its for Users and EU Rules

Well, to say exactly lightning cable port charging is not bad but its durable keeping iphone users in mind apple made this movie and its impressive when apple announced usb c port charging cable for iPhone 15 sirens mobile.

You can Charge From Mac or iPad USB C Cable

Now, if you have a macbook pro or air or Apple iPad then you can charge your apple iphone by connecting USB type C port to your Apple iPhone 15 sirens mobile and charge your iPhone 15 sirens mobile easily without any hustle carrying iPhone lightning cable port charging adaptor and cable with your.

Charge iPhone 15 with Wireless Charging

You can also charge your iPhone 15 series mobile with wireless charging – mag safe charger as well and as well as type c usb cable as well now with iPhone 15 series mobiles.

Apple Charging Port Converted to USB Type C and Complying with EU Rules

Nowadays almost all smartphone and electronic devices use USB C ports and cables for charging.

According to EU rules after 2024 all charging cables should comply with EU rules by having USB type c cables and within a time frame of 2 years all smartphones should have usb c cable as per European regulator and for this to comply apple have converted lightning cable to USB C charging cables.

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