How to Connect USB C to Lightning Cable on Macbook Pro/Air

In order to connect any USB or USB lightning cable to your new MacBook or MacBook Pro you need to have seven and one USB C hub for your mac book and macbook pro, that you can see easily connect it to the side of your macbook or macbook pro 

Connect USB C to Lightning Cable on MacBook Pro/Air

Below are the steps to connect USB C to Lightning cable on MacBook pro or macbook air  

Step 1: You have to take one USB C hub it has the U2 USB C connections on right

Step 2: Connect it to the side of your macbook or macbook pro, you can connect it either left side or right side of your macbook pro 

Step 3: Click  it in and it comes with a space gray color so that matches perfectly with your laptop.  

Step 4: Connect USB to your laptop once it is pressed correctly the blue light color appears on USB, it indicates that you are connecting your USB to Macbook perfectly.

However your macbook pro has two regular  USB connections, it has a Micro SD card slot and SD card slot 2 USB connection and also HDMI connection on the back over.

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Step 5: Connect your USB to the lighting cable go ahead and grab it, connect it to your macbook.

Step 6:After that connect it to your iphone or other apple devices, after that wait for a few seconds to get a light on your iphone.and it is now charging. 

Step 7: You go ahead and grab another lighting cable and connect it to the other USB cable to the other USB connection.

Step 8: Connect your second apple device to the second lightning cable, initially the iphone is dead but it shows charging on the screen of your iphone.

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