How to fix Oneplus Smart tv Not Turning on or Black Screen

  • To fix oneplus smart tv not turning on -> Press and hold reset button on back of your oneplus tv  and reset oneplus tv.
  • Press the physical power button on oneplus tv and turn off hotkeys and out reset oneplus tv.

When you turn on your oneplus smart tv and press power button on your Oneplus tv remote and it doesn’t turn on or oneplus tv not turning on with power button on remote then you need to follow these simple oneplus smart tv troubleshooting methods to fix oneplus not turning on issue on your oneplus tv. So, let’s see in detail.

There may be an issue with your oneplus remote as well, if oneplus remote is not paired or your oneplus remote is damaged or having weak batteries and most of the if remote is not working then perform remote not working troubleshooting guide and turn on oneplus smart tv

First you need to turn off hotkeys on your oneplus smart tv and OUT factory reset and disable hotkeys on your oneplus smart tv.

Fix Oneplus Smart tv Not turning on 

Below methods will help you fix oneplus smart tv not turning on.

Turn on Power Button on Your Oneplus smart tv

Step 1: Go ahead and locate the power button on the side or back of your oneplus smart tv.

Step 2: Turn on power button, physical power button on oneplus tv.

Step 3: Now, go ahead and press the power button and wait for oneplus smart tv to turn.

Once your oneplus tv gets turned on then you need to go ahead and turn off hotkeys in factory mode settings.

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Turn off Hotkeys on Oneplus Smart tv

To turn off hotkeys on oneplus tv follow below methods and enter factory mode on oneplus smart tv.

Step 1: Grab your oneplus tv once it gets turned on.

Step 2: Go to Settings and then go to E-manual option settings.

Step 3: Now, you need to press these remote key combination.

Step 4: On your remote press these buttons one after the other ->In navigation -> press left arrow and then right arrow, up arrow, down button and OK button continuously one after other.

Step 5: Now, you will see factory mode settings options on your oneplus smart tv screen.

Step 6: By using remote -> Navigate to the hotkey option and turn it off.

Step 7: Now, go to other settings option and press ok.

Step 8: Scroll down to OUT factory reset and press ok and confirm out factory reset and wait for your out factory reset to complete.

Once you turn off hotkeys and perform out factory reset then your oneplus smart tv will shutdown and restart on its own and you need to complete the setup process again.

Why Oneplus Smart tv not Turning on

If hotkeys are enabled in oneplus smart tv then when you press the power button on your remote one plus smart tv will not turn on, you need to disable hotkeys first and out reset on oneplus smart tv.

How to turn on oneplus tv without using remote?

If your remote is not working or oneplus tv is not turning on then you can turn on oneplus tv using power button on back or side of your oneplus tv. Just press power button to turn on oneplus tv.

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