How to Fix MI smart tv black screen

How to Fix MI Smart TV Black Screen

  • In order to fix mi smart tv black screen issue you need to power reset your mi smart tv and change hdmi cable and insert hdmi cable in other hdmi port and select that source and update your mi smart tv to latest version.
  • Make sure your hdmi cables are inserted correctly.

In this article I’ll show you how to fix the black screen problem you’re having with your Xiaomi TV or you can face issues like mi tv video moving fast or horizontal lines on mi tv. If you can’t get the screen to show something and it always stays black here are three tricks that may help you so let’s get started. 

How to fix Red MI Smart tv Black Screen

Follow below methods to get rid of black screen on mi mart tv.

Method 1: Power Reset

Step 1: Turn your TV off and unplug it from the wall socket. Now depending on the model you have you may have a power button on the back or one on the front under the TV if you don’t find one don’t worry just skip this step.

Step 2: But if you found one keep it pressed during 30 seconds then you have to wait a full minute if your TV didn’t have a button just wait one minute and then you can safely re plug your TV into the wall socket if this trick didn’t work go for the trick 2.

Trick 2: Remove Batteries and Press Power Button

Step 1: Take your remote control and remove the batteries from the back and then turn it over.

Step 2: Press the power button that is located on the top for 30 seconds. Keep it pressed and wait once you’re done.

Step 3: Now, put back the batteries but I recommend you put a new set of fresh batteries in case this was the problem hopefully this second solution will solve your problem but I have a third one.

That’s it, once you turn on you will not get mi tv black screen issue again.

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Trick 3: Remove HDMI cable and Insert Again 

Step 1: For the third solution go on the back and locate the HDMI cables ports you’ll need to remove the HDMI cable.

Step 2: Sometimes as you can see there is an extension and this extension fails really often so this could be the problem replace it.

Step 3:  Try to plug the device directly in the TV. I also suggest you replace the HDMI cable with a new one even, if you never moved it around, they can break inside unfortunately and plug it in a different HDMI port on the back of your TV.

Now if all those tricks didn’t work maybe the backlight of your TV is broken and an easy way to find out if this is the case is to turn on your TV take a flashlight bring it very close to the screen and try to look closely to see if there’s an image on the screen when you flash the light

if you see a picture appearing or some text or anything it’s probably because the backlight of your TV failed and it will need a repair.