How to fix LG Smart TV Black Screen

  • To fix the Lg tv Black screen issue -> you need to cross check with the hdmi cables (all power cables first) and insert them properly.
  • You need to turn off -> turn on by removing power plug for 5-10 minutes and plug back power cable and reboot your lg smart tv.
  • Lg Smart tv black screen occurs when there is any software glitch or insufficient power supply or any hardware issue problem.

This is one of the issues many lg smart tv useres face after a couple of years or excess or continuously using lg smart tv for a long period of time without turning off lg smart tv. Sometimes these lg smart tvs may cause black screen or blank screen without picture or sound or sometimes you can see lg smart tv with no picture with sound because of a software issue or a temporary software glitch and sometimes it is related to the hardware itself.

How to fix LG Smart TV Black Screen

Why does LG TV turn ON but NO Picture

Below we have mentioned some of the reasons for the LG TV black screen issue and how to fix this black screen problem on lg smart tv.

Faulty HDMI cable or Loose Cable

If hdmi cables are not inserted properly in the receiver then it results in a glitch or black screen on your LG smart TV. So, make sure that hdmi cables are inserted properly and remove the hdmi cable and plug back again properly.

Temporary Software Glitch

It may cause black screen of death on your LG smart TV due to software glitch as well, in this case make sure that you power reset and update your LG smart tv to the latest version (firmware update).

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Hardware Problems

 You can also face a black screen issue if the backlight of your TV is not working or your TV is facing power supply issues.

Power cycle your TV

The power cycle will identify the temporary glitch on your TV.

Step 1: First turn on your LG TV and unplug it from the power outlet

Step 2: Wait for at least 10-15 minutes and plug your TV. Press and hold the power button at the bottom of your LG TV for 15 seconds.

If performing these steps LG TV black screen sound issues will be fixed. Another way to solve those is ->  press the volume down key and power key together then unplug your TV for a few minutes. Turn on your TV and black screen issue will be fixed.

Change Picture Mode and Backlight Setting

Step 1: Go for settings on your TV and then choose all settings. Select picture from the list.

Step 2: Choose picture mode setting and set the picture mode to standard.

Step 3: Decrease backlight and set it between 10-30. Brightness to 50.

These changes will prevent your smart TV backlight from overheating and you will not face any LG TV black screen issue on your LG smart TV.

Check For Faulty Cables

Many will ignore these fixes for smart TV and don’t check whether the HDMI cables are inserted properly into the HDMI port. A loose HDMI cable can result in black screen on your smart TV. So,  check whether HDMI cable and other cable related to sound and video are inserted properly in ports. If not then remove cable for 5-10 minutes and plug them in again.

If not then try to insert the HDMI port on the ports available on your smart TV. Turn on your smart TV and change the other HDMI port. If the fault is the HDMI port, then use an alternative HDMI port on your LG TV. If you are able to fix the issue with the new HDMI cable, then the previous cable was damaged.

One more thing you can try using another power outlet. Sometimes damage to the power outlet can also cause a black screen on your LG TV.

Reset LG TV factory Reset

LG TV black screen is different from the black screen caused by the temporary glitch or backlight issue. In that situation, black screen is on broadcast but they can use apps and other settings are working well.

When you switch on your LG TV then you will get the LG Logo then no signal and after you will see the black screen but apps and settings are working. To fix those issues you need to reset your LG TV to factory settings by following below steps.

Step 1: Go for settings and select all settings. Scroll down and select general.

Step 2: And then choose Reset to initial settings and click on OK to confirm, after resetting you will not face an LG TV black screen issue.

Note: if your remote is not working then you can reset without using remote as well.

Check for Hardware Issues

If any of the above does not work for you, then you can check if the backlight is working or not. In order to check this you can use a flashlight. Switch on your TV and turn up the volume and see if you are getting any sound then move close to your TV and flash the torch on the TV screen. If you can see any picture then this means that your backlight is defective.

This means that your backlight is defective. Then you can contact the LG team for help. Another issue is with the main board and power supply. In those situations you need to contact LG for help. They resolve your problem.

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