How to Fix LG Smart TV Not Connecting to WI-FI

  • Change time and date settings, power cycle your lg smart tv by disconnecting power cables and wait for 40 seconds and plug them back again and try changing dns settings on LG smart tv.
  • Quick fix: Restart your router / modem and put your wifi close to your lg smart tv and avoid weak wifi or wifi not detecting issue and wifi has strong internet connection.

LG smart TV allows every customer to enjoy an unlimited experience. The device combines all benefits of pay and free to air television with limitless ability of internet streaming and apps to lg tv. By downloading the entertainment apps via ethernet connections or wireless connections. A smart TV will do it all while streaming on Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu, discovery plus etc., to play your favourite content and install apps on lg smart tv.

However, if LG TV is not connecting to wifi automatically or denying your access to your media center. Then it is mostly an interrupted communication between your wireless network and your smart TV and also you can get to see wifi errors on lg tv like lg smart tv keeps disconnecting from wifi and connected but no internet issues and make sure you place your modem or internet close to your lg smart tv.

Fix LG Smart TV Not Connecting to WI-FI

How to fix Lg Smart tv Not Connecting to WIFI

You can try the solution below for LG TV if it doesn’t connect to wifi automatically.

Change Time and Date Settings

It sounds weird, but some people swear by it on the internet which is why we have included it. All you have to do is manually adjust time and date to see how it works.

Step 1: Open settings of your TV and go to General.

Step 2: Click on date and time. Then select the uncheck set automatically and go for your local time and date manually.

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Change DNS setting to

By changing DNS settings you may get help to connect wifi and follow the below instructions.

Step 1: Open settings of your TV and go to all settings.

Step 2: Select network and wired connection or wifi from the drop down menu.

Step 3: Then choose the item with status connect to internet. Then you can see your existing DNS setting and even you can edit them by clicking edit below.

Step 4: Select the DNS server option and enter the in address bar. Then save the button.

Power Cycle Your LG Smart TV

Power cycle of your LG smart TV includes draining its residual power and is one of the fastest way to repair. 

Remove the TV plug from the power source-> Press and hold Power button at least 30 seconds before letting go -> Restart it after plugging back into the wall and check if any other devices connected to the network have internet access as well.

If any other devices using your network at sametime can cause your smart TV inability to link to wifi, causing congestion, slow buffering. If this is the case, consider upgrading your router to high bandwidth or removing any of the network connected devices.

Connect to Proper WIFI Network

Sometimes your router has a guest mode present in your TV for connecting to the internet and other devices may have internet access via guest mode. But these features often conflict with most smart TVs auto internet link mode.

Check if your router supports dual SSIDs, distinct service set defined and a router name to see if it has a guest mode. It may also have a complex guest mode. To setup using a wireless access point or WAP. If that is the case, make sure it is turned off.

Reposition WIFI Router

Wifi transmits through radio waves, obstructions and interference are quickly picked up by these radio waves, resulting in dropping signals, sluggish network rates, data transmission and communication delays, poor signal power. Because of these interface your smart TV can have a communication issues.

To avoid smart TV disconnection from the network, position your router as close as possible. Consider any other household hold devices that may not affect the output of wireless routers.

Reboot Your Router

When the router left ON for long period of time, they may cause communication issues. Restart your router and see it helps to fix LG TV not connecting to wifi automatically. A quick power cycle can often fix problems.

Make sure that all your gadgets in your house are connected  to wifi network before you start poking around your TV. If nothing connects, the issue is not likely to be with your TV.

Restart your LG TV

Turn your TV OFF and ON again is always a good idea. Modern TVs rarely have a hard reset button, it means you have to physically unplug your TV from the Power Outlet for a minute or two properly restart it. We will begin here because it’s a simple thing to try.

Factory Reset LG Smart TV

If you have tried all above methods, it’s time to factory reset. Resetting the TV to it’s original manufacturer settings has a better chance of resolving any compatibility issues. Enable users to factory reset their devices.

Locate the settings options in home and select the general option, which resembles a screw driver, gear and scroll down until you see the option reset the initial settings. Select it, check and type in your password. If you are done, your smart TV will return to default settings and shut down. Reset settings and turn it on back.

Fix LG Smart TV Cannot Detect WIFI

If TV not detect any wifi network, the most likely cause is a defective wifi module. Assume your wifi network is active and accessible by other devices and that your wifi is allowed on TV.

If your TV is not under warranty it’s best is to contact near by store. If you don’t have any warranty and comfortable disassembling electronics, some LG owners have had success in removing and resetting the wifi module. If fails,  replacement module can be found on the internet.


Most wifi connection issues can be solved with simple reset of either the TV or Router, but it is possible that your internet provider is to blame or that there are physical hardware faults with your home network or TV.

lg smart tv not connecting to wifi automatically

If LG smart tv is not connecting to WIFI automatically then there is a network related issues and you need to reset or restart router or modem and power rest LG smart tv and disconnect and reconnect it to wifi and check.

LG TV Not Connecting to WiFi After Reset

Once you reset your lg smart tv then all user data and wifi username and password will be erased and you need to setup wifi on lg smart tv again from the beginning and enter username and password and connect to wifi and reset router or modem and try to connect again.

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