How to Fix LG Smart tv Screen Share Error – “Connecting LG Smart TV Screen Share Error”

If you are receiving error on your LG smart tv when you are sharing your screen from your laptop to your LG smart tv screen share application and this issue can be fixed easily by following few steps and by performing few tweaks on your LG smart tv, this occurs due to many reasons

It can be fixed easily by deleting previously paired history on your LG smart tv screen share application. Let’s see in detail how to fix lg smart tv screen share error in particulars below and check more lg library issue here:

How to Fix Connecting LG Smart TV Screen Share Error 2022

LG smart share allows users to connect their devices like pc, iPhone, MacBook, on any ios devices using airplay, laptop, tablet and smart phone, Alexa etc and display content on lg smart tv using screen share application on LG smart tv like audio, video, photo etc.

Fix LG Smart TV Screen Share Error

Let’s see from beginning how to connect and when you get this error of LG smart tv screen share error and fix with simple and easy steps below:

Step 1: Grab your remote and turn on your LG smart tv.

Step 2: By using arrow keys on your remote, Open screen share menu on LG smart tv

Step 3: Now on your laptop press display button.

Step 4: Select connect to wireless display

Step 5: Select your LG smart tv screen share

Step 6: Now you will receive an error on your smart tv saying unable to connect for screen share, try again and on your laptop it says couldn’t connect.

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Step 7: Now to get rid of LG smart tv screen share error grab your remote and navigate to delete pairing devices option on your LG smart tv screen.

Step 8: On your remote, Press ok on Delete Pairing history button.

Step 9: Once you delete screen share connection history, try to connect again.

Step 10: Once you try to connect screen share again ON your LG smart tv screen share screen you will see request screen sharing to your pc, do you want to continue. Press ok and Yes and confirm access to LG smart tv screen share.

Note: To confirm use remote side arrows of LG smart tv remote.

Step 12: Once you confirm with yes , your laptop will start sharing screen on LG smart tv using screen share without any error.

That’s it, this is how you fix LG smart tv screen share error by just deleting the previously paring history button on you LG smart tv smart share application on your smart tv, this is a simple and easy fir if you are facing issue with screen share on your smart tv.

What is Screenshare?

Screen share lets you allow your laptop or mobile device to mirror on your smart tv like videos, photos. Screen share is just like Miracast.

Why won’t my LG Smart TV connect to Screen Share Error?

You can delete pairing history on you LG smart tv and also uninstall and install screenshare app again on your lg smart tv will fix this issue.

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