How to Get Espn Plus on LG TV

Previously ESPN Plus app is only supported and available onLG Smart tv 2018 model and now ESPN Plus app is available lg smart tv and LG Expanded its sports entertainment content on lg smart tv with disney bundle trio which allows users to download and install espn plus on lg smart tv easily from lg content store directly.

ESPN is 1st sports streaming channel and every user loves to watch sports and in November 2023, LG announced including espn app and espn plus app on LG OLED Smart tv’s and you can access and watch live sports streaming on espn plus with around 2700 live sports streaming apps.

You can also subscribe with disney bundle trio which includes, disney plus, Hulu and espn plus and this bundle trio offers more offers huge collection of entertainment. News and sports streaming with disney bundle trio.

Does LG Smart TV have ESPN app?

Yes! In November 2023 LG announced that users can now watch espn plus and it is available on lg smart tv apps from lg content store and watch sports live streaming on lg smart tv.

How Do I Watch Sports on LG Smart tv?

If you want to watch sports on lg smart tv then you can install espn plus with paid subscription or use any streaming services or use firestick, roku streaming device or any other and start watching live sports streaming on lg smart tv.

Get ESPN Plus Subscription or Disney Bundle Trio

Before installing the espn plus app, you need to have a paid subscription or active premium subscription first or if you want to get disney bundle trio then you can get a bundle subscription.

Get ESPN Plus on LG TV

If you want to install espn plus on lg smart tv you can go to lg content store and install espn plus app.

Step 1: Turn on LG Smart tv and Press Home Button

Step 2: Use arrow keys to Navigate and Go to Apps

Step 3: Now, in Apps -> Select the search box and Search for ESPN Plus app

Step 4: Select ESPN Plus app and Click on Install Button and wait for LG Smart tv to install espn plus app on lg smart tv.

Once you install espn plus app on lg smart tv, then open espn plus app and then login with your espn plus subscription login details and then start watching espn on lg smart tv and start watching live espn streaming of your favorite sports on lg smart tv. 

Vakula Devi
Vakula Devi
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