Why iPhone 15 Can’t Find Bluetooth Device

It’s pretty common issues iPhone users experience this issue and bluetooth pairing or bluetooth not connecting issues on their new iphone 15 or 14, 13 or any other iPhone and when you try to connect your bluetooth device if you can’t find bluetooth device then this is likely an issue with connecting device or the device that you want to connect.

If you want to connect a bluetooth device like an airpod, headphones or any other bluetooth speakers or etc then connecting the device to your iphone should be in pairing mode or else the iphone wont detect or cant find bluetooth drive or any other issues discussed here.

Why iPhone 15 Can’t Find Bluetooth Device

If your bluetooth is not pairing or can’t connect any device with your new iphone 15 or not discovering new devices or any other bluetooth problem on iphone 15 then make sure that your device is in pairing mode, close to iphone 15, turn on bluetooth and disconnect and reconnect and update software to latest version of iPhone iOS and check the following methods.

Turn Off and Turn on Bluetooth on iPhone 15

If bluetooth is not discovered then you need to first turn off bluetooth on iphone 15 and wait for a few seconds and then turn on bluetooth on iphone 15 and bluetooth device will be discovered on iphone 15.

Bluetooth Not in Pairing Mode

If iphone 15  is not discovering bluetooth devices then you need to make sure that the connecting device is connected like if you are connecting airpods then you need to make sure that they are in pairing mode.

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Already Connected to  Other Device

If the device that you are trying to connect is already connected to another device then iphone wont detect or discover the device and you need to disconnect the device that it is already connected to and then it will discover the bluetooth device on iphone 15.

Wait for sometime till iphone Discovers Bluetooth Device

Once you keep a bluetooth device to pair with your iphone 15, then wait for one or two minutes until discovering or finding nearby devices gets completed. SOmetimes, it takes time to get a bluetooth device to discover the iPhone 15.

Force Restart iPhone 15

Sometimes, due to technical or software related glitches, the iphone cant detect bluetooth devices and you need to force restart your iphone 15 and then turn on bluetooth and put bluetooth device in pairing mode and check.

Update iPhone 15 to Latest iOS Version

If you have a pending update on iphone 15 then update iphone to the latest version and check.

Keep Bluetooth Device in Range

If you have a bluetooth device that you are trying to connect is not in range then you need to make sure it’s close to iphone 15 and keep in pairing mode and turn off and turn on and then bluetooth device will be discovered and it will connect.

Charge Bluetooth Device

If your bluetooth device is not having enough charging or battery is drained out then you need to charge your bluetooth device and get it discovered and if there is not charging left then iphone 15 wont detect bluetooth device and can’t find it.

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